Registration as an micro, small and medium enterprise udyog aadhaar and udyam.

The indian economy micro, small and medium enterprise sector has grown into a vibrant and dynamic industry. Micro, small and medium enterprise and udyam registration are critical not just for producing jobs but also for contributing to economic development the industrialization of rural and backward area reducing regional imbalance and ensuring a more fair distribution of national revenue and wealth. Micro, small and medium enterprise serve as ancillary unit to large enterprise this sector contribute significantly to the country socio economic development micro, small and medium enterprise require government assistance and assistance since they lack the technology and resource that large corporation have.

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What criteria are used to classify enterprise as micro, small and medium enterprise?

As announced on may 13, 2020 for micro, small and medium enterprise classification a composite criteria of investment and turnover would be used as opposed to the previous investment requirement. The revised criteria for classifying micro, small and medium enterprise are as follows.

Micro. Investment of up to one crore rupees and a turnover of up to five crore rupees are allowed.
Small. Up to rupees 10 crore in investment and rupees 50 crore in revenue is possible.
Medium. Up to rupees 50 crore in investment and rupees 250 crore in income are possible.
Reregistration of enterprise that were registered before 30th of june, 2021?
Existing micro, small and medium enterprise will be classified using the new criteria and will be required to re register using the new process. However they have been given a transition period until 31st of march, 2021, which means that if an existing business was established before the 30th of june, 2020, its registration will be valid until 31st of march, 2021. In order to keep the micro, small and medium enterprise status after 31st of march, 2021 the entity must be re registered using the new registration method.
What is udyog aadhaar and how does it work?
Under the micro, small and medium enterprise development act of 2006 micro, small and medium sized enterprise in india are given a free registration called udyog aadhaar. National interchange code is required for udyog aadhaar registration applicant.
Registration of limited liability partnership and corporation.
During limited liability partnership formation the applicant must register the proposed company and limited liability partnership on the ministry of corporate affair official website. As a result having a business national interchange code is essential.
What is the udyog aadhar number?
The essential point of the udyog aadhar memorandum are as follows.

The micro, small and medium business would self certify its existence and bank account information as well as other information about promoter aadhaar detail and other minimum fundamental information necessary among other things using the one page streamlined registration form.
The udyog aadhaar memorandum will be free of charge to file.
The udyog aadhaar acknowledgement will be prepared and emailed to the email address specified the unique udyog aadhaar number will be included in the udyog aadhaar memorandum.
There is no need to upload and submit any supporting document when submitting the udyog aadhaar memorandum.

The following change have been made to the udyam registration procedure.

The notification outlines a new registration for micro, small and medium enterprise known as udyam registration. This method like the previous udyog aadhaar registration is online and based on self declaration hence no document need to be uploaded.

Upon filing an application for registration an enterprise will be assigned a permanent identifying number known as the udyam registration number. When the registration procedure is completed that is after back end processing of the information submitted a registration certificate known as an udyam registration certificate will be created.
What are the advantages of being registered under the micro, small and medium enterprise act?
The credit guarantee fund trust for micro and small enterprise offer collateral free loans up to rupees 200 lakh.

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The credit linked capital subsidy scheme for technology upgradation intends to help micro, small and medium enterprise company upgrade their technology by giving a 15 per cent up front capital subsidy.
International standard organization 9000 and international standard organization 14001 certification reimbursement scheme. The scheme provides for reimbursement covering up to 75 per cent of the cost of getting international standard organisation 9000 and international standard organisation 14001 hazard analysis critical control point certification up to a maximum of rupees 75,000 per case.
Microfinance initiative.
Market development assistance for micro, small, and medium sized enterprise.
It is easy to get out of debt.
Credit guarantee fund trust pandemic support for micro and small enterprise.

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