Say no to Wrong Money!

Do you see this guy? 

Maybe you are in a hurry and have to go on a date.

He has a beautiful bike and someone waiting for him, but what does he do?

He stops to see if he has any new notifications on Facebook or Whatsapp …

eh, it even has 6!

but you know what?

none are in the least interesting.

huh then?


He runs faster and arrives on time for the appointment he cares about a lot.

Ok it’s not that bad, but arriving just a moment earlier would have allowed him to experience everything with greater serenity

I run every day, all day, and always get distracted.

Eh, I also do it with money.

Too often I say yes to the wrong money, to the money I could give up.

I’m not talking about ethics.

It is not money that comes from illegal activities …

But the money that I don’t need to reach my goal.

Not only do I not need them, but they sometimes distract me from my goal.

It is often a question of timing, of timing as the Anglo-Saxons would say.

And I’ll tell you more it’s even full of opportunities to make some bad money!

Ok, maybe right now you don’t have a job and you go around delivering resumes …

I would not dare to say that it is easy to find work, especially in certain places.

But I want to say that, even in the job search, you should never forget your goal.

Your goal in life shouldn’t be to make ends meet.

You shouldn’t settle for just any job.

Remember that:

The difference between successful people and truly successful people is that they can SAY NO to almost anything. “- Warren Buffett

What is the wrong money?

If you have set your own goal in life, all that money that is not functional to achieving it is wrong.

They are wrong because they take you away from the goal.

They waste your time.

They make you lose money.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the more successful you are, the more you will have requests aimed at underpaying your time.

Extremely we could say that many will try to appropriate your skills, your time.

Your boss will ask you to apply yourself more, perhaps for free or with a small raise.

Customers will ask you to do them that extra chore, which is so useful, but which they are unwilling to pay for.

You will even find a thousand new customers, ready however to negotiate on your compensation.

But there will also be those who will be much more shameless.

It will ask you for free jobs, just for the visibility offered.

I just want to tell you that you CAN SAY NO.

Indeed you have to say no.

Failure to do so will only make it more difficult to achieve your goal.

It’s just the wrong money.

It is money and activities that take you away from excellence.

They make you fall back into mediocrity.

Successful people sip their presence and choose opportunities.

How to say no to the wrong money?

Saying no is a very difficult activity, at least for many of us.

Oh say no to money, maybe it’s even more difficult.

For many it is impossible.

We were always told to hoard crumbs and pennies.

Now I tell you to refuse the money?


Because giving up today allows us to live better.

How to do it?

You simply have to evaluate each job offer and money, thinking about your goal.

Think about it. Always keep it in front of you.

What if I don’t have a goal?

Well, maybe it would be a good idea to start establishing it!

But how can I do it?

If your goal is to spend more time with your family, it may not make sense to accept the offer of a new, underpaid job.

If you’ve set yourself the goal of getting your online business off the ground this year, why do you keep looking for new income sums?

You should focus on your core business.

You could increase your productivity tenfold.

The goal is something that has to hammer you and it has to stay fixed in your brain and drive your business.

Then everything has a price.

If, as I am sure, it will happen that in the face of some rejection some customers or your boss will raise offering you a higher remuneration, obviously you can also accept.

But it will all make more sense.

It will be the RIGHT MONEY.


Every day we get up and are beset with bad opportunities.

In the morning, just open the email and we have the opportunity to invest in activities that do not pay anything, to write reviews for free.

Then when we go to work, we are asked to stop for a few more hours, perhaps for free.

A new customer calls us who even before understanding how we work asks us for a discount.

You always have the option to say no.

I’m not interested in writing paid articles, giving free private consultations, giving seminars, or shooting videos …

Saying no is difficult at first, but it is the only way to avoid having to always run and do a thousand activities that are of no use to you.

Do you want to run for yourself or for what others ask of you?

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