Seven clothing tips to avoid any hazards on Diwali

Diwali is approaching, and more than anything else, we are all excited about the exclusive Diwali look that we are planning this year. Although both men and women are looking forward to celebrating Diwali while being adorned in the best festive attires and looking handsome and pretty, yet the craze for clothes, accessories and festive looks is more in women who await festive occasions or other ceremonies for getting an opportunity to get dressed up well and adorn their beauty.

Suppose you, too, are excited about the beautiful clothes that you would be wearing on Diwali for getting the best festival pictures for your social media account. In that case, you must have a look at our guide that will suggest some of the essential clothing tips in order to have a fashionable and safe Diwali. No doubt, Diwali is a festival of fun, but negligence can result in a significant accident. Therefore, you must look at our tips that will guide you to have a Diwali celebration while ensuring safety.

Avoid heavy lehenga or saree.

No matter how tempting it is to wear those popular ethnic clothes on the occasion of festivals, you must avoid wearing them at the time of burning crackers because it would result in restriction of body movement. If you want to wear a heavily embroidered lehenga, saree, suit, long skirt, or any other ethnic clothes, then you would be restricted because of the clothes, and you might get injured as well. 

Beware of the Dupatta.

Make sure that you use a safety pin to tuck your Dupatta. Also, it would be best if you took care of the Dupatta or the saree while walking in your house because it may get dragged on the floor and get dirty. Besides that, it can also cause damage to the rangoli on the ground, or it may get burnt by coming in contact with the diyas or candles that are lit around. Hence you must be very careful with your Dupatta and the entire festive attire. 

Do not get over engrossed in pics. 

You can get the best diwali gift hamper for you and your family and relish the taste of this sweet delight along with the family members. You can also click beautiful photos along with the cake, the diyas, and the Diwali cake. However, you shall be careful that you do not get over engrossed in clicking the photos that you forget your kids behind or neglect the diyas and fireworks around.

Be mindful of the footwear.

No doubt you would be wearing footwear that would go with your attire. Thereby complementing it, but if you are planning to burn crackers or walk a lot, you must avoid wearing Heels because they would restrict your movement, and you can also tremble and fall because of uneven footwear or loss of balance. Therefore, you must be careful that you do not take any risk with your footwear. 

Avoid fancy sleeves- bell bottom.

If you want to send Diwali gifts online to your friends and family members, you must avoid giving them clothes because they might be tempted to wear the same clothes on Diwali, and it can also be dangerous. Fashionable clothes are vulnerable to being burnt because of the synthetic fibers that are used. You must avoid wearing or purchasing clothes with Bell bottom sleeves as they can catch fire from the diya and result in a significant loss. 

Be safe around fire

Just as you would instruct your little kid or little cousins that they must not play around the fire or play with fire, likewise, you shall be careful around the fire too because accidents or mishappenings can happen with anyone. Hence, you shall be careful while enjoying the festival. 

Change your attire

No doubt you would be adorning a beautiful festive attire on the occasion of Diwali. Still, if you are planning to get your hands on crackers or in the kitchen, then you must consider changing your attire for the time being so that nothing wrong can happen. 

So, wear your best clothes on Diwali and get ready to groove with your friends and family members. Remember to take safety precautions and have a fun celebration.

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