Skin Issues That Could Be a Sign of Coronavirus

The most familiar symptoms of covid-19 infection are loss of taste and smell, fever, and dry cough. Now we all identify the symptoms because of pandemic.

But do you know corona also affects your skin!

Now blisters, rashes, urticaria, conjunctivitis are also indicative symptoms of coronavirus infection. Let’s consider the unknown facts in this article.

Multiple ways coronavirus affects your skin, from chilblain to hives.

In the present scenario, the covid-19 virus comes with genetic mutations, and it takes the form of a pandemic. The mutated covid-19 virus affects a different part of our body beyond the lungs. These infections reflect its symptoms on your skin in the form of hives, rashes, blisters, and conjunctivitis. And these symptoms say about the severity level of the disease. Here we narrow down some different skin problems dermatologists observe in corona virus-infected patients.

1. Chilblains or COVID toes

Recently doctors have observed that patients suffering from the coronavirus develop swollen and discolored toes. It is known as Chilblains or COVID toes. Chilblains mainly develop in Children, young, and adults.

The chilblains develop on toes, fingers with purple discoloration. The discoloration and swelling can start on single or several toes and fingers. Firstly, it appears as a bright red color, and then gradually it turns into purple color.

The chilblain is the most common symptom of children, young, and adults suffering from the corona. But young people have strong immunity power. They can easily overcome the coronavirus by taking proper medication, rest, and nutritious food. 

2. Small red bumps or flat red patches

In the research journal “Skin manifestations associated with covid-19” by Karger, publishers reviewed that small red bumps or flat red patch are one of the common symptoms of covid-19 infection. Doctors and medical scientists confirm the straight association of red spots or rashes with the covid-19 disease after a series of scientific studies. Dermatologists have seen different kinds of rashes develop in covid-19 infected patients. They are such as

  • Blisters
  • Patchy rash
  • Itchy rashes
  • Round pinpoint spots on the skin
  • Flat red patches
  • Raised bumps

3. Fishing net-like structure on the skin-Livedo

A net-like fishing structure on the skin is known as livedo. Sometimes it comes with tiny bruises. Generally, old age people with coronavirus infection show livedo. It is associated with the increased severity of the disease. This pattern on your skin reflects the body’s immune responses that arise against corona infection. The red, blue colors in the net structure appear due to blockage of the blood vessels.

In a French scientific experiment on vascular lesions linked with Covid-19, livedo has been observed in 1 out of 7 patients.

4. Hives or Urticaria

urticaria or hives are red and pink with itchy rashes on your skin. The size of the hives ranges from a pinhead to a dinner plate. It can appear as raised lumps or imperfections. This symptom may occur in all ages and is associated with high severity of corona infection. Generally, patients suffer from mild to moderate levels of swelling. Inflammation and swelling stay for minutes to hours, and it may come and go. The hives are mostly clear within ten days.

Doctors recommend low-dose systemic corticosteroids as a therapeutic option for the Covid-19 patient with hives or urticaria rash. 

5. Rashes associated with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome

Rashes associated with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) are mainly observed in children. It happens because of an immune system overdrive that triggers inflammation in the blood vessels of the heart. Consequently, blood clots and it is a symptom of shock. Rashes with MIS is an infrequent complication that occurs up to three months after a child suffered from covid -19 infection

6. Blisters or vesicular lesion

An area of skin is covered with a raised fluid bubble known as a blister or vesicular lesion. Now blisters fall under the coronavirus symptoms list as it affects your skin too. But blisters should not be only the determining factor of corona infection. 

Some covid-19 patients experience ulceration and blisters on their hands, legs, and oral cavity walls. The water blister or vascular lesion is commonly seen in the middle age covid-19 patients. It says about the moderate severity of the disease and lasts for almost ten days.  

7. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is a common symptom in old age people who suffer from coronavirus second strain. Coronavirus second wave brings modified signs that are difficult to correlate. But after a large number of examples, doctors considered conjunctivitis can be the coronavirus symptom. 

So, if you observe redness in the white portion of the eyes with little discomfort, please consult with the doctor. The doctor will suggest you do a corona test if required.

Caution: If you experience any of the above-mentioned skin-related issues, consult with a skin specialist in Dubai immediately. Because it can cause the severity of symptoms of corona infection, Doctors may ask you to perform RT-PCR and swab tests to confirm your covid-19 condition.

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