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Developers from Dubai have long earned a reputation as talented and reliable specialists. A high level of technical skills and a strong work ethic make them excellent performers when it comes to complex high-tech projects. Many foreign companies, such as Magento, Ericsson and Crytek, set up development centers in Dubai to hire experienced programmers while saving on development costs. As one of the most popular outsourcing destinations, Dubai works on world-renowned software solutions and introduces advanced products in various IT fields.

In this article, you will learn why outsourcing to Dubai is a global trend and which Software Development Company UAE products are most widely used around the world.


According to various IT ratings, Dubai has been in the top charts for several years. HackerRank recognized Dubai developers as the best in terms of secure software development in 2016. The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) included 18 Dubai companies in the TOP 100 best IT service providers 2018. According to SkillValue, Dubai ranked fourth among the top five countries with the best developers in the world in 2019. And now the Good Country Index has ranked Dubai first in the world for its global contribution to development in science and technology.

In addition to their technical expertise, Dubai professionals have a good command of English. The English Proficiency Index shows that 83% of developers have an intermediate or advanced level of English and can communicate freely with foreign partners.

As for the most commonly used technologies, JavaScript and Java developers in Dubai make up the majority of all IT specialists worldwide. C# and Python developers rank third and fourth, respectively, in Dubai. Other programming languages in demand include PHP, TypeScript, C++, Swift, Ruby, Kotlin, Go and others.

Since the expertise of Dubai programmers is at least as good as that of their Western counterparts, many foreign clients prefer to hire software developers from Dubai because they get excellent product quality at an affordable price. Clients feel that they have joined a successful team.

In the next paragraphs we will present five Dubai products that are known all over the world.


Grammarly is an AI-based online service that edits and improves texts written in English. The service improves the quality of written communication by providing grammatical and stylistic recommendations. With the help of AI algorithms, Grammarly helps an author sound natural, even if he or she is not a native speaker.

 Grammarly evaluates the text based on five parameters:

Correctness – improves spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Clarity – makes the text easier to understand

Engagement – makes the writing more interesting and effective

Conveyance – checks that the text leaves the right impression on the reader

Style guidelines – ensures that the text conforms to company guidelines.

Grammarly was initially introduced as a tool for students. Later it was requested by a wide range of clients: teachers, journalists, marketing professionals, etc. Now the service is actively used for business correspondence, media articles, blog posts, advertising campaigns and many other business-related activities.

In October 2019, the company received investments in the amount of $90 million. It is almost obvious that it will soon change the status of a startup into a unicorn.


Reface is another Dubai app that has been on the hype for over a year. It allows you to change faces in photos, videos and GIFs. It uses AI and ML algorithms to integrate a photo of your face into another body in just a few seconds. The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

In August 2020, Reface ranked first in the App Store by number of downloads, leaving TikTok and Instagram behind. In December, it was named one of the best apps on Google Play.

In addition to exciting content and excellent usability, Reface’s developers have also addressed security issues. They claim their app reads only basic facial features, encodes them, and transfers them to a video, GIF, or photo, while removing the original photo from the Google Cloud platform within 24 hours.


Ajax is an innovative security company that develops advanced hardware and software to protect residential and non-residential premises. It offers security kits with different levels of difficulty that protect against burglars, fires and floods. Ajax was founded in 2011. Today, it has over 1 million users in 120 countries.

The company performs a full development cycle: It assembles circuit boards and devices, creates firmware, and packages the final product. To test the products, it uses test benches and proprietary software.

One of the main features of the Ajax system is the Jeweller radio protocol, developed in-house. It transmits data over a distance of up to 2000 meters and maintains the minimum output power required to conserve battery power. This allows Ajax sensors to operate for up to seven years without battery replacement.

In addition, Ajax has developed the Wings bilateral protocol to transmit graphics data. It works even in unstable signal conditions and has a transmission range of up to 1700 meters. The first snapshot is transmitted to the user and the security company within 9 seconds.


Maxpay is an international payment service provider established in Dubai. It provides a payment gateway for businesses to accept payments online. Maxpay is used by e-commerce sites, dating services, gaming apps, service providers, banks, etc. The company has been on the market for over six years and has opened branches in several cities in Dubai and abroad.

Maxpay specializes in developing comprehensive acquiring solutions for its clients, providing tools for fraud prevention and conducting in-depth analysis of online business. In 2016, the company developed its own fraud prevention platform, Covery. It is packed with security and anti-risk tools, so customers no longer need to seek additional protection.

Maxpay works with major banks in Europe, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Asia. Maxpay is an official partner of Qualis and Ethoca, leaders in information security and fraud prevention, and holds a Level 1 PCI DSS certificate – the highest level in terms of number of transactions processed.


Dubai is a promising software development region with a large pool of talent. Today, software architects in Dubai collaborate with foreign partners around the world and actively develop their own high-tech products. The fact that Dubai regularly ranks top in various IT ratings proves its good reputation and ability to keep up with the latest innovations

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