Sympathy and Funeral –Send Condolence Flowers

As it’s not always simple to know what to say to a person that has lost a loved one, sending flowers is an expression of thoughtfulness that brings both comforts with beauty to a sad event. But, not only have it helped you to know the kind of sympathy flower you’re giving though it also has the color and meaning behind it.
Continue reading this article; we have a list of the 12 best sympathy flowers together with explanations of things that happen their color will symbolize. So you may put together a beautiful arrangement which will help you show your sympathy. This article also included a part on sympathy etiquette, so you be sure you’re sending your flowers at the correct time and place

 1. Carnations

Carnations are common because of their unique scent and gorgeous ruffled petals. These blooms are most used in funeral wreaths with popular in memorial arrangements. Go for red carnations, which will show the family that you’ll normally be there for them. Or pink carnations that will keep their loved one’s memory alive. 

  • Used for Catholic with Christian funerals

2. Chrysanthemums

Also called mums, these special flowers have separate meanings across the world, which should be taken into consideration I making a sympathy bouquet. Asian countries see white chrysanthemums as a sign of grief. In comparison, darling European view this flower as a sign of death and only uses them in memorial services or graves. In the nation of the United States, chrysanthemums are normally taken as lighthearted flowers that are used to appreciate the life of the lost loved one. 

  • Best for: Families who have ties to Europe or Asia

3. Lilies

Lilies are beautiful flowers to give to the departed’s family because they are most associated with new chapters with beginnings. These flowers are best lovely for the family to remember which their loved one will not be forgotten and to concentrate on a new outlook in life. In Christianity, they show the idea which the soul of the departed has received renewed innocence. 

  • Best for Christian families; symbolizes new chapters with beginnings.

4. Orchids 

Orchids symbolize eternal love due to the flower’s potential to live much longer compared to other blooms. Since there are so many species of orchids, it’s not always simple when trying to decide which is best. Pink and white orchids are the very popular choice for sympathy flowers as they show innocence, remembrance, and memories.

  • Best for: Loss of a significant other; represents eternal love

5. Roses

There is no flower that can show the beauty in the way which it does quite, such as the iconic rose. Roses are mostly used to show love with appreciation, making them the best option for memorial services or sympathy gifts. It does not matter if you selected white roses to represent remembrance or red roses to represent your love. You’ll certainly have a beautiful bouquet in your hands.

  • Best for Memorial services; shows love.

6. Daffodils

Daffodils are cheerful blooms that will be given to celebrate a happy life. This sympathy flower is a sign of spring, rebirth with another beginning. This makes the mourners remember that death is not the end. Daffodils are a good choice for funeral arrangements, thanks to their bright and colorful appearance.

  • Best for: Arrangements that represent new beginnings and encouragement

7. Forget-Me-Nots

This is a popular flower representing remembrance and memories, and forget-me-nots truly symbolize how much the deceased meant in your life—providing a bouquet of these blue blooms to the family that lost their loved ones. This will let them know that their loved one left a lasting impact on your life, and their memory will not be forgotten.

  • Best for: The family of the dead person symbolizes to them ever-lasting memories

8. Gladioli

Gladioli are common because of their long stem with bright petals, which come in a stunning array of colors. This August birth flower is the best selection for funeral services as it shows strength with character. Giving the family these best flowers will make them remember the two things: to stay strong in the difficult loss and also to show which their loved one had a strong character.

  • Best for Funeral services; represents upliftment and strength.

9. Hibiscuses

Hibiscus flowers are a common flower selection to honor the loss of a mother or wife. These delicate blooms are mostly used to represent femininity and also beauty — best for those that are grieving the best woman in their life. When the deceased had cultural ties to Hawaii or the Pacific islands, hibiscuses would be the best flower to give because of their strong association using the culture. 

  • Best for:  Death of a woman, often of Hawaiian or Pacific Islander descent

10. Hyacinths

Hyacinths will have various meanings, though when used at funerals, they symbolize sorrow and anguish. Hyacinths increase some sweet aroma to funeral services. It also informs the tell the mourners that they’re in your thoughts, and you’ll be there for them.


If you want to thank the family’s privacy, then funeral flowers are the best to the funeral home to be displayed during services and at the funeral.
When you’re planning to send flowers to a memorial service or funeral, you’ll have to plan your delivery properly to ensure it reaches you on time. But, when you’re sending flowers to a home, it does not need a specific timeline.

Giving your support just after the death can be much appreciated by the mourners. Though some people will want some time to process, so you may need to wait a few weeks or even more before giving sympathy flowers. 


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