Tax Shield and Tax Attorney: Business and Personal Taxes

Bold Tax Law offers Tax Shield and Tax Attorney services for businesses and individuals. We are experts in Tax Law, Tax Planning, IRS Audit Defense, Employee Payroll Taxes, Bookkeeping Services and more.

The last thing you need is the headache of figuring out how to deal with taxes! That’s where we come in. Our tax professionals will work closely with you every step of the way to help make sure everything runs smoothly – from filing taxes correctly to reducing your risk of getting audited by the IRS!

1. Why you should hire a tax attorney

A tax attorney can help you maximize your deductions, ensure compliance with the law, and optimize your assets to achieve your estate planning goals.

People who hire a tax attorney understand their liability and the need to protect themselves accordingly. The best hope for not getting tangled up in uncertain territory is understanding exactly how much it costs, what information is necessary to produce, and tailoring your approach accordingly.

You can find a qualified tax attorney that will be able to walk you through various options for protection against whatever criminal tax problems you may have been accused of under the law. A good lawyer should also have experience defending or prosecuting people with similar accusations as yours so they know how judges typically rule on cases like yours as well as things that could help your case such as marital status, age, etc…

Tax attorneys are experts at finding possible irregularities in a tax return.

2. What is the difference between a Tax Shield and a tax attorney

Tax Shield Attorney – A company may offer a tax shield if it agrees to make payments on your behalf for health insurance. These payments cannot be deducted as health care expenses, but are instead used to calculate taxable factors.

Business Tax Attorney – Can help decrease the amount of taxes you owe or increase how much you receive from the IRS through deductions or credits they may qualify for that would otherwise go away. For example, these professionals can help individuals with complicated tax situations at risk of having large sums taken by the IRS due to overpayment mistakes, unclaimed tax breaks and more.

An attorney will work with everything at their disposal to fight for all possible deductions and credits available so that taxpayers do not need to pay more than is required. Tax attorneys also have a strong knowledge of the tax code and how it works, which can be used to the advantage of their clients who may not even know they are entitled to certain benefits or deductions from the IRS.

3. Why do you need to hire a tax attorney?

You need to hire a tax attorney if you are thinking about doing something dodgy on your taxes. It is highly advisable to consult with one before creating any type of financial record that could be used against them in court. An expert will ensure they are compliant with all forms while maintaining optimal anonymity/protection from both outside agencies and organizations within their organizations.


Hiring a tax attorney is the best decision you can make to help protect yourself from potential IRS problems. The team at 1-877-871-1129 has helped countless individuals and businesses with their taxes, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you need any assistance! We offer flexible appointment times that work for your schedule, which means no more waiting weeks or even months just to get an answer. Remember, our services are 100% guaranteed! Get a session today by calling us now on 1-877-871-1129!

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