The bigger benefits with 3D designing over 2D designing

Since the advent of technology, it has brought humanity closer to unimaginable reality. The best example of technology reinstating imagination to reality is 3D modeling. As technology began to develop over time, the idea of 3D design also changed how presentations were previously done across various industries. Several industries use 3D design to enhance the customer experience of their services and products. It is used in e-commerce to provide realistic presentations of products. It is also used in architecture to create multidimensional images and miniature models. 

Be it any industry, if you want to engage your target customers, there are several options for 3D animation services in Singapore that will make your vision a reality. Now, virtual designing has transformed over the years from 2D to 3D to make the buying and visualizing experience better. Nowadays, industries are investing funds to install more advanced 3D modeling equipment. But why must you choose 3D designing over 2D designing for your enterprise? 

The bigger picture with 3D 

There are more extensive benefits that come with 3D modeling than 2D modeling across several industries. 

Enhanced visuals

3D animation facilitates one-shot pictures of 2D designs and sketches. 3D animation makes designs look more realistic, which gives clients a Virtual tour of the products and services you offer. You can also check the viability of new plans before making them official when you use 3D instead of 2D. 

Realistic renderings

3D modeling also makes it easy to visualize a drawing in a better way by allowing photorealistic rendering. It mainly helps people understand the visualization of products better, especially in the home decor and property industry. Especially if you are in interior designing, 3D models can give your clients a better visual of the property’s interior decor. You won’t receive this service when you opt for a 2D animation production, Singapore. 

It saves an enormous amount of time

From the business perspective, 3D designing saves time during the approval stage. 3D models are specifically beneficial when presenting the product to a client who doesn’t understand 2D design without converting the 2D into 3D. It saves time because 3D versions can be easily converted into 2D rather than the other way around. 

Enables 3D printing 

When a product is rendered in 3D, it allows the possibility of using the 3D printing technology. 3D printing is highly beneficial for those who are attempting to make a product prototype. With the help of a 3D printer, you can take your products to a manufacturer or investor to give them a tangible visualization of what you are planning to create. A 2D animation production in Singapore will print a virtual design but not make tangible or real printing possible.

Concluding 3D 

3D designing and modeling are highly beneficial, especially in terms of design proposals and innovation. If you belong to an industry where tangible product representation can enhance your business to potential clients, choose 3D animation services, Singapore without second thoughts.


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