The Businesses of Future Need the Smartest Sales Tool to Appoint Distributors and Franchise. helps business owners to improve sales efficiency by optimizing sales cost while entering into new markets.


It is not uncommon now days to find shopping centre which includes railway station, offices, hotel and residences. To manage these diverse customer segment the building maintenance mangers employs the smartest tool to manage the property and improve overall efficiency. Similarly businesses of future will also need smart tools to appoint distributors and franchise in India. The new age tools should not only improve the sales efficiency but also offer best way to enter new markets business and create business connections. 

The market entry route could be distributor, reseller, e commerce, franchise, licencing, sales rep, commission agents or various warehousing or 3PL models. 

Unlocking benefits of digitisation is used by more than 10,000 users today around the world, including their affiliates and representative offices. The platform makes sure that visitors from around the world get to connect without the need to formally register or commit when they use the services of

It is an excellent platform to connect and build relationships with sales catalysts like resellers, distributors, franchisee or sales representative agents, for both manufacturers and sales team looking to expand in new markets. 

The benefit of digitising the sales connections helps to boost efficiency by optimising time and resources.  It gives visibility to brands and opportunity to customize the connection request inline with typical business ecosystems.

Having right contact information allows businesses to quickly close the gap between market needs and offered product or service. Selloverseas provides smoother data flow and deploy on ground sales infrastructure to test and improve long term sustainability for businesses.

Real Value for Business owners

The Selloverseas team also provides input from business segment experts and geographical experts to help small and medium enterprises understand ground conditions and reduce sales risks associated with exports.

The synchronization of inputs such as customs, logistics, import documentation, pricing and other relevant information from multiple sources helps a lot to reduce both financial as well regulatory risks when entering into overseas market.

The platform is moving in direction from reactive to pro-active approach by employing artificial intelligence to automatically generate matching list. Typical example a manufacturer of healthcare and hospital supplies looking to appoint franchisee in India or  distributor in UAE can search and generate country wise  list of  prospective franchisee looking to start new business for a given service segment or distribution of product.


All businesses are looking for smart tools to connect, build distribution assets to improve channel efficiency at lower cost and improving lead times. Selloverseas team has a vision to launch tools in a phased manner addressing customer customer expectations especially for small and medium enterprises.

The development and operational teams at are working hard to improve analytics and connect data from multiple sources to provide real value to business owners as they understand the importance of speed and requirements of new age businesses.

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