The Data Features You Need To Check Out During The Cerner EMR Demo

As someone running a practice, there is a lot of data that you gather on an everyday basis. This can be regarding patients, doctors, and even the procedures that you use at the clinic. But what is the end game when gathering data? To truly understand that, let’s look at some of the biggest analytical features you can find in the Cerner EMR software. 

The software helps you gather data about the work you do, so you can give context when you provide reports to regulatory bodies. It is so important to check out these tools during the Cerner EMR demo. You can then have an idea of what to expect from the software, and decide if it is the right approach for you. But either way, we know data collection is essential.

Cerner’s Approach To Data Collection

Aside from knowing that collecting data is essential for reporting, Cerner also understands that gathering data helps you understand what you do best. The analysis of this data can do things as big as deciding what your future decisions will be. After all, the work that you do in collecting data is lost without a software tool that can analyze and make sense of it for you. 

When Cerner approaches data collection, it thinks of it as a mechanism that health facilities can use to create a culture of information sharing and analysis. It is essential that practices be open to the idea that this can open up a host of opportunities for them. The sooner these opportunities are strategically analyzed, the better the information is for the practice. 

In the longer run, these trends can point to larger changes in health standards. For example regulations and laws can then be changed in order to make the landscape of care provision more effective. For more information on how the software makes this happen, we would also recommend that you get a Cerner EMR demo of the software. 

Features To Check Out During The Cerner EMR Demo

When it comes to the promise of a future where there is an open exchange of data and that system is reliant on data analysis, you may come across other providers who offer similar benefits. However, Cerner does so in a way that no one else in the field can. As you will see during the Cerner EMR demo, the analytical features of this software are completely free.

To truly understand how useful these tools are, let’s go over the benefits of data analysis with Cerner. You can also check out a Cerner EMR demo if you want to see all of the available features of this software. In this section, we are simply highlighting three amazing features you can’t get anywhere else when it comes to comprehensive data analysis.

Contextualized Data

A lot of times, the software will aim to gather data about what you do, but it won’t gather any of the necessary data that gives it context. This makes it impossible to understand where the data stands for and what it means. Contextualization is also important when reporting to national bodies. That is because it helps to create a benchmark to compare yourself to 

Remotely Accessible

Just like with all of the other features you will see during the Cerner EMR demo, the data tools are also remotely accessible. You are not expected to spend your day glued to your desk. The software can be accessed at any time, anywhere, which gives you the chance to monitor your information gathering no matter what the location and time are. 

Adaptable Parameters

As you are the ones doing the information gathering, it is crucial that the software you use can help you create your own parameters. When you use Cerner, you can do this at any time. You can even decide which reports keeping or save, and what notifications are needed for you to do your work. Plus, you can also view data as it is gathered in real-time. 

Why Is Data Collection Essential Now?

In the last two years, the world has been hit by an unprecedented global pandemic. This has prompted practices, clinics, and other healthcare bodies to prioritize the collection of data from across the country. This has made it clear that the gathering of data is something that can have a huge, realistic impact on the world of healthcare when we are in crisis. 

The role of Cerner in this time has been to continue to allow practices to gather data about the work that they do. The information can then be translated into action when Cerner gives the tools of the practice needed to analyze and understand the information they are gathering. With all of this in mind, better tools can then be created for future crisis situations.

This can be done in numerous mechanisms. For example, Cerner is helping to create a tool that can identify the patients most at risk of contracting the virus. Another tool helps large hospital systems predict surges and the need for resources. This helps healthcare providers remain prepared in a time when there is new information gained every day.


A Cerner EMR Demo is one of the best ways to learn about this software. A demo helps you see what the features look like, and allows you to experience what they may work like in practice at your facility. Feel free to take a demo to understand more about this software!

You can also look for information on Cerner EMR pricing by reaching out to the vendor. They will gather some information about you and come up with a customized plan. And of course, if you are curious about this software there is no better place to look than Cerner EMR reviews. Reviews contain the feedback of real practices who have used this software. 


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