The exquisite hotel the Tamara Coorg

Are you bored in your homes and are seeking for pleasurable travelling experience? Then, you can visit some interesting places to feel rejuvenated. If you travel to some places, then you become relaxed and cool. You feel stressful and dull if you work continuously and gradually lose your motivation. If you love travelling, then you can visit the beautiful hill-station of the south Coorg. You can enjoy the sight of tea and coffee plantations. This place is known for its rich fauna and flora culture.  Walking through the dense forests and viewing the streams is a captivating sight. If you are visiting Coorg, then you should preferably seek for an accommodation in a luxurious hotel. You can live in The Tamara Coorg for some days comfortably and enjoy the luxurious here.

Staying in Tamara Coorg as a tourist

In the hotel, you can enjoy different types of modern amenities that you usually enjoy at home. The rooms of the hotel are well-furnished and air conditioned. So, you can enjoy the comforts and luxurious to live lavishly. When, you are sick, they provide first-aid treatment to the guests and also can call doctors in the premises. During the pandemic situation, they are following the safety protocols to prevent diseases such as corona virus.

You can choose different types of rooms depending upon your tastes and budget. Different types of beautiful cottages are available and usually children below 12 years are not allowed.

Luxury Cottage

The luxury cottage is 625 sq ft. room that can accommodate 2 adults. You can enjoy drinking signature coffee in this room and can join yoga classes too. If you stay in this room, you can enjoy using the cricket items and play cricket outside. In this room, you can enjoy free and complimentary breakfast. The rooms usually provide free lunch, breakfast and dinner. The room is designed exquisitely containing private balcony and containing several modern amenities such as clothes rack, hairdryer, mineral water, toiletries, mirror, ironing board, chair, shower, electric kettle, etc.

Suite cottage

This room also provides facilities such as signature coffee, conducting yoga classes and some complimentary activities such as cricket. A guide is available who can guide you to visit the nearby places. You can enjoy watching the lovely scenes around the premises. It is a large 891 sq ft room that can accommodate 2 adults. It is a well-furnished exuberant room that is designed elegantly with special seating arrangements. The viewers can enjoy watching the 32-inch LED television also. It is a modern room that provides facilities such as toiletries shower supplies, wooden flooring, etc. The beds are also comfortable containing soft-textured mattresses covered with linen cloth and soft pillows.

Various options for the guests

The guests can enjoy different dining options such as tea, coffee, and some special meals in the room.  They can enjoy internet or Wi-Fi facility for 24 hours. They provide complimentary services to the guests such as luggage assistance, gym, spa, concierge etc. they have built a conference room to conduct meetings, seminars and other interactive sessions in the room. If you want to capture images or photos, then you can meet the team of photographers. A seating area is available for the guests. At the poolside, you can find towels also. They have installed CCTV for constant surveillance. You can enjoy swimming at the pool and enjoy some safety and security services. If you are bored in the room, then you can enjoy trekking outside on the green hills. In the premises, you can also enjoy the sight of the garden. Different types of rooms are available for smokers too.  For disabled people, they provide wheelchair facilities and a telephone for calling people. If you want to enjoy various activities, then you can visit the activity center also. You can perform yoga in the yoga center also. Every room consists of an attached bathroom with rain showers. You can also enjoy the open air bath facility. Every room consists of a LED flat-screen TV and you can watch comfortably. In the kitchen of the hotel, you can also find a referigator and you can keep some of your edible items in the fridge. To recharge your mobiles, they also provide the electric charger facility. You can enjoy cycling around the premises. If you want to eat something special along with tea or coffee, then you can visit the café. If you are fond of eating bakery items, then you can visit the bakery in the premises and enjoy some fresh bakery items.  They provide contactless room service to the guests as they have well-equipped telecom system.

About the hotel

It is a 180 acre land above 3,500 ft above the sea level filled with lush greenery and is located in the hills. So, it is an interesting place for tourists to stay for some days to explore the beauty of nature. You can live in luxuriously designed cottages and stay away from the bustling city life for some days. You feel relaxed and chilled living in the mountainous area. The cottages are beautifully made with shingle roofs and the floors are made of timber wood. Different types of packages are available for tourists and business people. You can also stay here to conduct business meetings.

In the luxury hotel, you can enjoy the heartbreaking view of the sun yet looking the beautiful greenery and enjoying the serenity of nature. The guests can enjoy different recreational facilities also such as chess. The guests can also enjoy several facilities in Superior Luxury Cottage as they can watch the deep dense forests of Coorg and hills from the room. In this room, they can enjoy the king-size bed and watch the scene of the morning sun.

The suite room is also meant for luxurious stay that consists of wooden paneling and view of the sun. It is the most spacious room that is meant to accommodate 2 adults. You can stay comfortably in the room for some days and nights.

You can enjoy a pleasurable experience at the Tamara Coorg Hotel.

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