The Saga of Karva Chauth

The Karwa Chauth event is a homage to married Indian women’s remarkable devotion to their husbands. People all over the country celebrate it as a festival, but it is really just a selfless act of love from every married woman for her husband. Every married lady fasts for weeks without eating anything, and the fast is only broken when the moon is visible, and the husband offers the first piece of food to their wives. A magnificent expression of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Husbands can always choose to send karva Chauth gifts for wife online to their wives and make it special for them.

Baya Karwa Chauth

Karva means “earthen out with a spout” in Sanskrit, while Chauth means “fourth day” in Sanskrit. On the day of Karwa Chauth, people worship Lord Shiva and his entire family. Baya is traditionally taken by moms to their daughters’ homes, which is acknowledged by the family’s senior ladies. During the puja, the Baya is frequently passed around among the other married ladies in the household. Baya is traditionally composed of the following items: -Sweets -Cash, -Clothes Karva – (earthen pot)

Procedures and Guidelines for Karwa Chauth Vrat Vidhi

Women who are fasting are supposed to follow a vrat vidhi in which they are expected to take a morning bath and make a promise to observe the fast for such a well, longevity, and wealth not only of their husbands but the entire family. This vrat vidhi is called the Sankalp vidhi. During the Sankalp vidhi, women must recite the following: I will fast for the well-being of my spouse, sons, and grandsons, as well as to earn money.

Recipes for Karwa Chauth Puja

In India, there isn’t a holiday or a unique occasion that doesn’t have its own distinct flavour. Every event has its own meal, and Karwa Chauth is no exception. There are certain foods that must be prepared regardless of where you live in the country. You’ll find real Karwa Chauth delicacies here, which will give the greatest punch to your love and marriage celebration.

Decoration for Karwa Chauth Thali

The Karwa Chauth Thali is a crucial part of the Karwa Puja. If you wish to stick to tradition, you can make it seem creative by using alpana and rangolis to decorate it. Fresh flowers, leaves, and multi-coloured pulses can be used to create floral designs on the thali to make it look more appealing. While seated around Gaura Mata, this thali is passed among all the married women. A karva, which is considered a sign of Lord Ganesha, is usually placed in the centre, along with a cup full of water, roses, fruits, matthi, food grains, and an idol of Gaura Mata. A portion of this is given to the deity and the family’s eldest member, who tells the traditional account of Karwa Chauth. While reading the story of Karwa Chauth, everyone lights the earthen diya. Finally, the Karwa Chauth Puja Thali is handed to the family’s oldest member.

Sargi Karwa Chauth

On the day of Karwa Chauth, the mother-in-law serves Karwa Chauth sargi, which is a joyful breakfast. Sargi is a dish made up of vermicelli, jalebis, matri, coconut, and other ingredients that should be served before daybreak.

If the woman is newly married, she is given a new saree and jewellery to put on after her bath. Sarees with bridal colours including red, pink, and orange are commonly available. They are also obliged to wear bindis, nose pins, tikas, bangles, and earrings, all of which are considered marriage symbols. On the day of Karwa Chauth, they must apply henna to their hands and feet, which is regarded to be highly auspicious.

Opening the Karwa Chauth fast with traditional ceremonies

When the moon is visible, women use a sieve to see the moon’s reflection in a thali full of water. They offer their prayer to the moon for their husband’s safety and protection, and the Karwa Chauth fast comes to a conclusion. After that, the husband makes his wife drink water, and she asks for his blessings in return.

After the fasts are completed, husbands give Karwa Chauth presents to their wives as a mark of appreciation for keeping such a strict fast. Typically, they would love jewellery, saree, cosmetic hampers, personalised presents, flowers, or other things that you can or Karwa Chauth gift items.


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