The Types of tools found in the solar panel cleaning kits for Sale

One of the primary factors that reduce the performance of the solar panels is the presence of dust on the glass of the modules. The Performance reduction can be as low as 2% annually and could also be as high as 30% annually in the worst cases. Therefore, keeping constant solar panel maintenance and cleaning is essential to guarantee optimum energy yields across the year.

Despite that water and cloth, which may be used for PV system cleaning, other solar panel cleaning products may offer a simpler, faster, and better approach for this maintenance. Solar cleaning equipment include brushes, extensions, squeegees, robots, and solutions, are perfect for this purpose. Below is a list that will help you find some of the top options of tools found in solar panel cleaning kits for Sale.

Mr. Long Arm 1005 Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

This is a two-in-one kit with the perfect tools needed to clean the solar panels faster, easier, and safer. This kit features a long extension pole with a tool handle that can rotate smoothly with a curved slider tube to reach areas that are harder to reach with straight poles. The hydra solar product can be attached to a standard garden hose and includes a squeegee, deluxe wash sleeve, canvas carrying case, and a soft flow-thru brush.

The key features for this particular kit can be listed as follows:

  • The Canvas carrying case
  • The Tool handle which rotates
  • The Curved slider tube for more movements

The important specifications for this particular solar panel cleaning kit for Sale are a 5′-12′ Pro-Curve extension, a 4′-8 hydra solar flow through the extension, and a 14-inch deluxe wash sleeve.

Mr. Long Arm 1009 Pro Curve Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit

The Mr. Long Arm 1009 solar panel cleaning is designed to facilitate the improved solar panel cleaning through a 5-12 feet Pro Curve extension pole. The 4-8 feet Hydra Solar is an internal system that makes water flow through a hose directly into the solar panel with a single tool. The Two Pro Curve tool handles are included with one 12 feet and one 18 feet Sorbo Channel with squeegee rubber.

The key features of this in solar panel cleaning kits for Sale can be listed as follows:

  • One unit of 15″ x 15″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a must inclusion
  • A Flow-thru angle adaptor is also provided
  • High-quality acrylic microfiber wash sleeves which are scratch proof

The key specifications for this solar panels cleaning kits are a 5-12 feet Pro Curve Extension Pole for the base, a 4-8 feet Hydra Solar flow-thru extension pole, and one 15″ x 15″ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Equip Maxx 24 ft Water Fed Solar Cleaning Pole with Brush and Squeegee

Aqua Spray Superlite offers this solar panel cleaning equipment which features a double gooseneck that allows you to use a brush and a squeegee with the same tool. The product can be connected to a garden hose using an adapter that clearly states its versatile nature. The solar panel cleaner weighs 6 lbs. and is made from lightweight aluminum.

The key features of this equipment from the solar panel cleaning kits for Sale

  • A Double gooseneck with brush and squeegee enables optimum cleaning
  • Foam grip handle ensuring a firm grip
  • Connection with any garden hose align with the adapter

The key specification of this equipment includes the fact that it’s 6lbs, the hose length forms the base sums up to 24 feet, it has a collapsed 6 foot 6 inches which extend to 24 feet.

Some options are automatic solar panel cleaners, but they are made especially for utility-scale and commercial applications. However, there are some irrigation systems with low pressure that can be used to clean the panels and make the role of the rain. But, on the contrary, they are not considered cleaners but identify themselves because they do not have bristles that gently remove dirt accumulation. This change in nature also affects the functioning and fundamental properties of solar panel cleaning kits for Sale. However, the versatile nature can be deemed the main criterion for selling solar panel cleaning kits.

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