Things to Consider When Looking for a Boarding

It’s understandable, but you should always search for a boarding kennel before booking your dog in. If you cannot do that, you will not have the ability to satisfy all the things you need to consider in your dog boarding facility Located in Maryland.

Here’s what you ought to look for. Tick off the next things below that make clear what things to look for in a boarding kennels, and you ought to have the ability to relax that bit better when leaving your pet.

  1. Require licenses and certifications
    The very first thing you should look for is if the boarding kennels are qualified and certified to look after dogs. They way in which dog boarding facilities are accredited and checked is determined by where you live.

For example, in america, each state has some other group of regulations. Whilst they might be similar from area to area, there will be subtle differences about how precisely dogs are kept and the particular kennels should do to remain licensed.

Always ask to see licenses when you go to the kennels and leave if they try to put you off or can’t provide official documents.

In the united kingdom there are incredibly strict regulations that were updated in October 2018 to be even more stringent. Anybody wanting to look after dogs should hold Animal Boarding Establishment License issued by their local council.

  1. Ask about their insurance coverage
    Another documentation request here, and important really; will be the kennels insured to look after your dog and also have a policy to pay all eventualities?

Their insurance should cover them for incidents such as:

Your pet having any medical problem or injury whilst in their care.
Your pet attacking a person or another dog.
Losing your pet.

  1. They have to get access to an area vet 24/7
    They should have access to a local vet who will be on call 24 hours per day, 7 days weekly, and 365 days yearly.

Once you’ve the vet’s details, you can also call them yourself for added satisfaction they are indeed partnered with the boarding kennel you are thinking about.

  1. Check what their vaccination policy is
    Before you book your pet in for a stay, they need to ask you for proof of your dog’s vaccinations. You should also be asking them what their vaccination policy is.

For example, boarding kennels should insist that dogs staying with them experienced all their injections and regular boosters for sickness such as parvovirus, canine distemper, and rabies.

  1. Modern and spacious kennels
    One of the simplest things to look for in a puppy boarding facility is the kennels themselves. You can examine the majority of this with your own eyes, so don’t forget to ask to see where your pet will be staying and sleeping.

Other important aspects with their living and sleeping accommodation are:

Your pet has access to their own bedroom and toilet all the time.
Your pet has access to an area with no other dogs or people if needed.
Your pet has usage of toys and stimulation.
Your pet has their own kennel unit if you don’t have given permission for them to share with another dog from your household.
The kennels also needs to be heated and air conditioned to account for all weathers and seasons.

  1. The boarding facilities are clean without bad smell
    You could forgive a boarding kennel for having hook doggy smell because of the nature of the business, but other than that the place should be ultra-clean without nasty stink.

If your pet comes home from a kennel smelling bad, it’s a possible sign that there have been bacterial problems at the kennels, which can also help spread sickness and disease.

  1. You will discover outdoor and indoor play area for dogs
    Without exercise your dog will be bored and possibly stressed. Boarding kennels must have easily accessible indoor and outdoor spaces for the dogs to exercise and socialize.
  2. Your dog gets daily walks and exercise
    Kennels should be walking your pet at least one time a day, preferably twice. They also needs to have a location where they can have free running to exercise when needed.

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