Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

The much awaited Migration and Mobility partnership initiative by the UK government has further established better and solid economic ties with countries like India.

The Youth Mobility scheme is much like cultural exchange open for youth of the age 30 years or below. This Youth partnership scheme was announced on 04 May 2021 with a vision to help UK and Indian citizens to work in other countries.

The Tier 5 YMS (Youth Mobility Scheme) is somewhat similar to the Working holiday visa route.

Let us understand it deeply what it offers

  1. Application Validity

Your application for Tier 5 Youth  Mobility Scheme is only valid if you have paid the Immigration Health Surcharge as asked. You have furnished a valid, current passport, you have booked and visited the nearest visa centre to complete your application of Biometrics and your identity has been confirmed in the passport.

Additionally, you must be eligible for the Youth Mobility scheme  and you are a British citizen(overseas) As on the date of application you must prove that you are 30 years of age or below.

  • Suitability

Application suitability is most important requirement when Home Office assesses your application for YMS. You must not fall under any grounds for refusal.

  • Eligibility

Acquiring a fruitful application for section leeway is the main necessity for entering the UK border.Any person who is entering the UK should demonstrate that they have gone through an aspiratory Tuberculosis test and are liberated from tuberculosis.

The age required should be over 18 years and under 30 years and you have never applied or looked for a section in the UK on a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme.

Indian undergraduate study students’ numbers to the UK are developing quickly, and almost 50% of all UK talented work visas go to Indian experts – contributing essentially to shared thriving and common arrangement. It is certain that the new post-study Graduate Route and Young Professionals plan will altogether expand those numbers.

Congratulating the Young Indians to seize the opportunity with the Youth Mobility Scheme, the UK will now offer 3000 applications per year from India to seek Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa.

It is found in several studies that every year about 53,000 Indians travel to the UK for work, and study, almost 42% of those moved last year. It makes almost a quarter of the UK population to be Young Indians.

Although this visa restricts Indians to settle in the UK, it is a wonderful opportunity to seek greater opportunities and growth by working in the UK and being a part of the most reliable economies.

Application procedure

Once you fulfill the above mentioned criteria, you can begin to apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa and submit the required documents. You can also take support from the Immigration Solicitors London. A Y & J Solicitors have been helping many of their clients to seek entry in the UK by securing a successful visa.

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