Tips for Converting PDF Files into other Formats

PDF format is one of the leading document formats being used today. All sorts of businesses and companies prefer using PDF for document management. This is because this format is more secure than others in this league. There are dozens of benefits of the PDF format other than being uneditable. Still, we would not get into the pros today. Rather, we will talk about the most common problem people face using PDFs.

PDF files cannot be edited, and this is because of their portable nature. This might be one of the biggest pros of PDF, but you should also know that in certain situations, this feature of PDF can be a nuisance in disguise. For instance, if you have saved a document in PDF and have found errors and need to edit it, you would face many issues; if you need to make changes or edit the PDF file, you will write it again. Writing the document again costs a lot of money and effort. This post will find some tips and tricks that would help you convert PDFs into other formats.

Top tips for converting PDF into other formats

Here we have collected tips and tricks that can help you change PDF files into your desired formats.

Install a PDF file converter app

A way to change the format of the PDF files is with the help of PDF file converter apps. These apps are usually free to install, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of installation or registrations. While using a PDF to word converter, you can find different conversion options. You can use it to create, read, edit, convert and even compress PDF files. Select the format in which you want to convert your PDF file. It would take less than seconds and would make the conversion.

Go for online PDF converters

The easiest way to PDF merge into other formats is by using online tools, manually converting PDF to Word, PPT, or other image formats is quite tough and takes a lot of time. Online PDF file converter tools are usually free and very easy to use. You can be an expert PDF manipulator if you have the right tools in your digital pocket. PDF converters are based online, so you can easily use them if you have a browser and a strong web connection. You have to open the PDF file converter on your browser and input the required data (PDF file). After entering the PDF file, select the output format and hit the conversion button. The tool would change your PDF file into your desired format. One of the most common PDF conversions is PDF to word conversion. You can find dozens of PDF to Word converter facilities today.

Try Google to convert PDF into other formats

Another tip to convert PDF files is with the help of Google. You can use Google Drive to change the format of your PDF file. Google Drive is not just a document managing utility. Rather you can use it for multiple purposes, including changing PDF format to other editable formats. You have first to upload the PDF file into Google drive. After inserting the PDF file into the drive, you have to use the open option to open it with your desired app. You can open the PDF file with Google docs or other third-party apps connected with your Google account. If you want to edit the PDF file, you can easily open it with Google docs. The file will open in a new tab on the browser. You can make changes to the document and save it again in your desired format.

Use adobe acrobat to convert your PDF files

Adobe is the very platform that came up with the concept of PDF. So it is only obvious that you will find solutions related to different problems on adobe. You can easily convert PDF files to other formats with adobe. It doesn’t matter whether you have to convert PDF to word or any other format. With adobe, you can manipulate the PDF document as per your requirements. First of all, you have to open the PDF file you want to convert with adobe. In the file menu, you are going to find the tools section. In tools, you would find the export PDF option. You have to use the ‘export PDF’ option to change the PDF file into other formats. In this menu, you will find options to change PDF to word, spreadsheet, PPT, image formats, HTML web page, and many other commonly used file formats. This is a very reliable and accurate way to change a PDF file. The only thing you need is to install adobe on your device.

These tips would surely help you convert PDF to other file formats!

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