Tips for marketing your gym and boosting retention

The fitness industry is back on the rise following the effects of the recent pandemic and many gym owners are looking for innovative ways to regain a competitive edge. There are various things you can do as a gym owner to market your establishment more effectively and retain members.

Knowing about various marketing tips that you can use can help you engage your members, attract new sign ups and boost your profitability. Here are some tips for marketing your gym and boosting member retention:

Offer free 1-on-1 personal training sessions

This is a great way to attract people to your gym and also to upsell personal training sessions. Many people will be drawn in by the chance to have a free 1-on-1 session, as these can be incredibly valuable to fitness enthusiasts. 

A personal trainer can design and deliver an effective workout session and this alone will be highly appreciated by your clients. It also gives people a chance to experience the services of your personal trainers, which may encourage people to sign up for a special programme. 

Use social media ads

Social media ads using the PPC (Pay-Per-Click)  model can generate you a great ROI, as this marketing method is incredibly efficient. You can choose your own targeting settings, so if you want to attract locals, you can tailor your ad to this purpose. If you are targeting a wider geography, you can widen your audience. 

You can also target people based on interests, sex, age and other key demographic features. Social media is also a great place for your brand to engage with young and active individuals, as many of the people who frequent gyms are active social media users. 

Offer free nutrition plans

This is a nice service to add if you are looking to differentiate your brand from other fitness establishments. Many gyms focus entirely or mostly on physical fitness and exercise, but nutrition also plays a vital role in human health. 

By offering clients nutrition plans tailored to their needs, such as bulking plans for those looking to gain weight, you can dramatically improve the service you offer.

Use software for gyms

Gym management software is designed to help you run your gym more effectively in multiple ways, including helping you market your gym and boost member retention. You can use marketing automation tools to maintain engagement with your members, such as by sending personalised messages at specific times. 

Gym software gives you a client database that stores all the information you need about your clients. Built-in marketing automation tools then work in tandem with your database to deliver relevant, personalised messages. This means you can segment and target prospects based on their individual place in their customer journey.

The data you gather using gym software can also help you dramatically boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By collecting information about what’s working and what isn’t, you can push forward your effective strategies and abandon ineffective ones in good time.

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