Tips you should Know while traveling in Bangkok!

When it comes to defining what to do in Bangkok, you can get a bit lost. Thailand’s capital is eccentric, cosmopolitan and has many interesting tourist sites!

You will find a multicultural city, very busy, with curious traffic and a warm climate, which fascinates its tourists. Discover the busiest city in Southeast Asia!

What to do in Bangkok: history and religiosity

The old world blends with the modern atmosphere of the Thai capital. Religiosity reigns in every part of the city with its temples, monuments and sculptures of sacred figures.

For all the spirituality of Bangkok, there is no official religion in the country, although Buddhism is predominant.

Hinduism also has space there, as well as some Chinese religions, since a portion of the population is originally from China.

Founded by King Rama I in 1782, the country was organized into three kingdoms. The name of Bangkok came from the small fishing village, called Ban Kok, which in Portuguese means “village of olive trees”.

This small village served as a route for merchants from Europe heading towards Southeast Asia.

When to go to Bangkok?

Places to visit in Bangkok abound. So it’s good to know exactly when are the best times to travel to the country.

The high season there happens between the months of November and February, during the winter, but don’t expect low temperatures.

Thailand’s capital is hot all year round, but of course temperatures are a little cooler at this time. In addition, during this period, the incidence of rain is also small.

The low season starts in the month of May, when the rains start throughout the region, and the period of climatic instability in the city lasts until September.

If you choose this period to visit the capital, prepare a cape, an umbrella and cool clothes, because the heat is intense and the rain falls at any time. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Tourism in Bangkok: language, currency and curiosities

In the city, the official language is Thai, which is spoken by around 60 million people. The current currency in the country is the baht, with 1 baht equivalent to approximately $ 0.18 cents, varying according to the currency quotation.

When traveling to the country, be prepared to encounter very peculiar traditions and habits, such as entering temples or houses barefoot. Do not forget that!

Another interesting curiosity is that each day of the week is marked by a color. Monday, for example, is dedicated to yellow, and Wednesdays to green.

Offering two Siamese cats to a bride on the day of the ceremony is a very affectionate attitude and good luck for the wedding. If you get the chance, find a pair of cats.

If you’re in town around 6 pm, don’t be alarmed, as the country anthem plays every night, and everyone must remain in military position until the end of the song.

Documentation required to travel to Bangkok!

When traveling to Bangkok, tips are essential. So don’t forget to write down the documents you need to land in Thailand’s capital.

If your stay in the country does not exceed 90 days, the need for a visa is discarded.

When you arrive at immigration in the country, you must present a passport valid for six months and at least one blank sheet to stamp the document.

The international certificate of vaccination is mandatory, especially with regard to immunization against yellow fever.

It is also important to have a hotel reservation or letter of invitation on hand, if you are staying with friends or relatives, in addition to the return ticket.

Ah, although it is not a mandatory item on arrival, it is recommended to take out travel insurance. But that’s a topic for our next topic!

Bangkok travel insurance!

The purchase of insurance to make a trip is not required there. However, this is a fundamental item for traveling to the country. The benefits of travel insurance are countless!

With such a different culture, habits and cuisine, it is possible that you may experience some unpleasant situation, such as food poisoning, for example.

Certainly, no tourist wants to go through a situation like this without help and without support to communicate with the locals. So, don’t even think about traveling without good travel insurance to Bangkok.

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Flights to Bangkok

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