Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Knee Replaced

Full Knee Replacement surgeries gives oneself a carte blanche from pain and daily disruptions. Pain can be a deterrent for someone who wishes to live their life freely and on their terms. And thus, this procedure gives patients a ticket to a healthy life. Moreover, the longer a knee replacement surgery is delayed, the bone density decreases, and the risk of fractures increases.

One doesn’t have to make pain a reason to stop them from living life on their terms. 

So here are the top 10 Reasons to get your knee replaced:-

1. It is a common procedure with no complexity – 

Every year in India, roughly 1,20,000 people undergo knee replacement surgery, which makes it one of the most sought-after surgeries. It even makes post-operative care simple and easy. 

2. Pain relief with added mobility – In 99% of cases, a radical improvement is seen in pain and other conditions. Moreover, this surgery is the key to get relief from constant flare-ups. It even gives an improvement in mobility. 

3. Simple post-operative care – In 99% of cases, there is no complexity after the surgery. Less than 2% of patients need any rehabilitation or physiotherapy. Thus, the myth that one has to be on bed rest for months is a total farce. Within two weeks of surgery, one can start walking with support. With little exercise and supplements, one can experience a remarkable recovery. 

4. Tackling of co-morbidities – If one has morning stiffness and numbness in the feet, they are quite the red flags for rheumatoid arthritis. But there can be an improvement in these symptoms too with knee replacement surgery. Many patients have seen a total return to normalcy after the surgery and good post-operative care. 

5. Longevity – The history of knee replacement surgeries started in 1968. Since then, it has been an ever-evolving dynamic field of study in medicine. A lot of changes have happened over the past two decades that have made this surgery pain-free. The quality of implants has also increased many folds. According to the latest estimates, a transplanted knee today has a life of an average of 25 years. It guarantees a subtle positive lifestyle change that is waiting for all patients post-surgery. 

6. Relationship with other ailments – Knee replacement as a line of treatment doesn’t affect any other diseases a patient may have. This applies especially to the elderly, who might be susceptible to blood pressure and diabetes along with cardiovascular ailments. Knee replacement doesn’t affect their other health issues in any way. In fact, with healthy knees, one can pick up a health regimen that tackles other ailments. 

7. Amending deformities and preventing them – Many congenital bone deformities can cause pain and other ailments.  Doctors suggest corrective knee transplant surgeries which might correct these deformities. Other than that, sports injuries too may require knee transplants, which can help an athlete get back on track post-rehabilitation.

8. Cost-effective and simple – One of the most cost-effective orthopedic treatments ever made, knee replacement surgery is now on all cashless (TPAs) insurance facilities. It is also one of the most sought-after surgeries on the government-recognized panels. Also, with the government having put an upper cap, the cost has been reduced by 69% in the last three years. Thus, it’s a treatment that doesn’t even cause a dent in your finances. It gives the patients a lot of reassurance as well. 

9. Recovery of social life – A lot of patients with severe pain witness the loss of their social life. They are not able to indulge in their favorite activities, spend time with family and friends, and actively contribute to their work. Thus, to get one’s social life back on track, knee replacement surgery can help. Other than this, pain and loss of mobility take away the self-confidence that one has. In this regard, post-consultation with one’s surgeon and getting a knee replacement surgery done can be a very effective measure. 

10.  Speedy normalcy and a risk-free life – A lot of patients in their post-operative consultation have declared that knee replacement surgeries helped them keep their preoccupation ahead of themselves. With arthritis and knee wear tear, the patients’ eating, exercising, and entertainment regimens get altered. Thus, it’s imperative to get this surgery done for a risk-free and carefree approach towards one’s joints. 

Prevention is always better than cure is a phrase that has the utmost relevance in medicine. And in this regard, one must not ignore red flags and take the plunge for the surgery immediately. It is because, on the other side, what awaits one is sheer magic. Along with pain-free knees, the surgery brings a new life with lots of love and laughter with one’s family and friends. All of this can be one reason and guide for taking an early call on your surgery and getting it done. After all, what can be more beautiful than seeing your knees support your endeavors and giving you a reason to smile? 

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