Top 3 Customization Tips for Your Promotional Car Magnets

Do you know why the popularity of custom car magnets is increasing in the business industry? Even though not every marketer achieves success with promotional car magnets, they are extremely effective at enhancing the growth and visibility of your business. So, what makes this traditional marketing tool one of the most successful aspects of a business? Before you start purchasing the custom car magnets for your business, you should know some factors. 

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Car magnets are one of the most affordable marketing solutions in the business promotional world. This is why many small business owners and start-ups consider car magnets are their primary method of marketing. However, one thing you need to know is that custom cars magnets are effective only when your customers see them. Without bold color, an effective layout, and an attractive design, you won’t achieve success with your custom car magnet marketing technique. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the design. Here are the top 3 tips to customize your promotional car magnets. 

Choose Unique Shape

You’ll notice that most car magnets are available in a rectangular shape. However, do you know that magnetic signs for cars can be customized in any shape you want? As you have the freedom to choose any type of shape that can complement your business, you’ll be able to showcase your creativity by choosing a unique shape for your magnetic car signs. For example, if you run a gaming store, you can customize magnetic car signs in the shape of a gaming console. Or if you run a restaurant, you can choose a shape of cutlery. The innovative and unique shape will help you capture the attention of thousands of potential customers easily. You can also distribute a mini version of these magnetic signs as freebies. Your customers will use them as fridge magnets that would ultimately promote word-of-mouth marketing. Not to mention, it would improve the visibility of your brand. 

Use Simple Design

As the promotional truck or vehicle passes by, people will only have a couple of seconds to communicate and read the context of the magnetic car signs. This is why you need to be careful while choosing the design of the car magnets.

Make sure the design is clear and simple. Even though you might have massive information to share, it’s suggested to stick to fewer words. This way you can improve the readability and people will be able to read the message effectively.

Don’t forget to make the sign visually compelling. Additionally, include powerful CTA. Many sure you highlight the name and logo of your business as well as contact methods. 

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Consider the Aesthetics

While your potential customers will have a few seconds to notice, read, and understand the meaning of your car magnets, you need to make sure the car magnets are attractive and capable of grabbing the attention of your customers. Therefore, use colorful graphics and images.

Make sure you include the photos of the product you’re highlighting through the car magnets. Use relevant fonts and typefaces to enhance the readability of the car magnets. The font you choose for your car magnets will have a large impact on the first impression of your brand. As per Forbes, first impression is important. Don’t forget to leave negative spaces. 


These are the top 3 customization tips for your promotional car magnets. Make sure you order the car magnets after determining the dimension of the available space. This way you can purchase car magnets of relevant size. 

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