Top 3 EMRs With Best Pricing Plans

Budget plays a significant role in EMR selection. Investing in pricey software by putting your clinic’s financial position at risk is not something a reasonable person would do. However, many low-budget EHR service providers in the market can help you streamline your practice’s workflow while maintaining your service quality.  

We did thorough research on the pricing plans of dozens of EMR vendors by keeping in mind the features they offer at variant costs. Three vendors topped our list based on the facilities they offer at a relevantly low price compared to other vendors at the exact same pricing. So stay tuned to learn what features they offer and at what cost. 

eClinicalWorks: Best Overall 

The first name on our comprehensive list is eClinicalWorks. It is a cloud-based software enjoying a long-standing reputation since day one. This vendor stands out in the crowd for its solid RCM solution that caters to all financial tasks of a physician. It will help you sort billing errors, create claims, process claims, and reduce claim denials. Simply put, it will ensure your practice is running smoothly. 

eClinicalWorks offers uncountable features and functionalities for practices of all sizes regardless of their specialties which back its cost. It is known for its impressive ability to leave stunning first impressions on patients by making patient engagement its priority. It does so by featuring an easy-to-use patient portal that keeps patients in touch with their treatment progress. Patients can schedule appointments, request refills, etc., using the portal.  

This software allows for accurately assessing disease patterns and associated risks with its population health management tool. It, in turn, generates better patient outcomes and boosts satisfaction levels. Being a market-leading software, it comes with seamless integrations with multiple healthcare facilities. In addition, physicians love it for its ability to enable them to prescribe controlled substances.  

How much does eClinicalWorks Cost? 

eClinicalWorks offer well-structured pricing plans with no start-up costs. For example, its EHR-only plan charges $499 per provider per month, and its EHR with practice management plan charges $599 per provider per month. Other than these two, there is another plan explicitly for revenue cycle management, and for that, it charges 2.9% of practice collections per month.  

Kareo Clinical 

Running an independent practice becomes a hassle-free task for all physicians with Kareo Clinical by their side.  It is one of the top-rated EMR software in the medical field and offers an array of distinct solutions to sort out all existing problems of small to mid-sized practices. Like eClinicalWorks, this software offers outstanding tools and solutions to maximize clinical productivity by optimizing overall workflow.  

It offers customizable tools and services so that professionals associated with variant specialties can use them to their advantage. Featuring high-grade security and analytics tools, it helps physicians get a clear picture of their clinical performance to know where they stand. For this purpose, Kareo uses a robust key performance indicator that pinpoints the weak areas and gives providers a chance to improve their care delivery.  

This EMR integrates its electronic health record service with a practice management solution to streamline administrative and financial activities. This improves the quality of time healthcare providers spend with patients during their visits by devoting their full attention to patients instead of worrying about patient check-ins, data entry, and all that. Above all, it is purposely built to deliver better quality care without any bells and whistles. 

How much does Kareo Clinical Cost? 

Unlike eClinicalWorks, this vendor has not presented its pricing plans on the official website. But from user reviews, we learned it offers tailored to fit pricing plans. The software comes up with cost-specific plans for all healthcare providers according to their feature requirements. This means physicians can build a customized pricing package by getting in touch with a Kareo Consultant. 


DrChrono is known as the future of the EHR industry for the way it upgrades its features with changing market needs and trends. This platform also enjoys an eminent reputation for being a mobile-first solution. It helps physicians achieve scalability; there’s no denying it. Practice management service, billing module, and API software are all elegantly embedded in this platform’s promising and reliable interface. 

There is a one-on-one battle between eClinicalWorks and DrChrono when it comes to billing services. Furthermore, both solutions offer robust revenue cycle management solutions to handle claims, process due to payments and minimize denial rates. Furthermore, its advanced billing features make it easy to share bills with patients and improve workflow efficiency. 

Besides that, its telehealth solution is the talk of the town. This functionality lets patients with chronic conditions get virtual treatment by allowing them to discuss their issues with physicians remotely through a secure pathway. In addition, insurance eligibility checks, patient kiosks, lab integration, document processing, customizable templates, voice recognition, and many more features are also offered by this innovative EMR software. 

How much does DrChrono cost? 

In contrast to eClinicalWorks pricing plans, DrChrono has not revealed the pricing of its packages yet. But it offers a four-tier plan for its users, starting from basic to advanced functionalities. First is Prometheus featuring basic clinical tools and services, then there is Hippocrates with slightly advanced tools. The third one is Apollo, a suite of integrated services, and the final plan is an all-in-one package called  Apollo Plus. 


All three of our shortlisted vendors are best in the services they provide and the areas they cover. But eClinicalWorks stands apart in this list as it reveals the cost it charges for its services. It doesn’t mean you should jump to a conclusion to purchase its services right away.  

For making a final deduction, we would recommend you to dig deeper into the EHR service providers. Readout user reviews to learn other people’s opinions to learn how capable your selected software boosts your clinical productivity. Also, schedule demos with the software mentioned above to get hands-on experience of the features they provide.  


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