Top residential roofs that are considered storm-proof

Many regions of the world declare storm-prone areas, and people living in these places need to take extra precautions in terms of home-related things. In building a home, the main part is a roof that protects you from every weather condition, including storms, hurricanes, or high winds.

Due to such places, the construction companies made some strong types of roofs that can stand every hurricane easily without causing any damage to you and your family. Therefore, your home’s roof will not be affected after one storm but will gradually show wear and tear after fighting many hurricanes.

For example, in Albuquerque, high winds are the part of the weather that hits almost every other day, and people know how to handle the situation, but they can’t protect the roof of their homes on their own. That’s why roofing companies in Albuquerque need to install a sturdy and durable roof in the homes of such regions, which protects and keeps you safe and sound.

So, if you want to build a new home in any storm-prone region or are planning to replace your existing roof, then you should consider any one of the top roofs that are completely storm-proof, which proves to be very helpful and long-lasting for sure. So let’s move towards the list of top roofs that work out amazingly.

  • Clay and concrete tiles:

Using the tiles on top of the roof is preferred because of their many benefits in fighting hurricanes and storms. The tile’s design and shape are designed by keeping in mind its needs in the roofing, so if you install them, they will automatically resist the high wind and try to hit it with much force.

According to weather analysts, the concrete and clay tiles are made for this purpose because they can resist the winds of 130 miles per hour, which is considered a bad storm. But if you live in Florida, you should go for another option because it might not be the safest option.

  • Metal roofing:

Metal roofing is regarded as the safest option to use for homes situated in storm-prone areas. Though the looks of the metal roofing are not attractive compared to other roofing types, they are not safe to use in those places. Metal roofs can fight the winds of speed 160 miles per hour.

Because of these reasons, metal roofing is on the top of the roofs that are storm-proof and can fight any extreme weather condition easily. Moreover, you should know that metal roofing is expensive compared with other types, but it is worth investing in it as it is highly durable and secure. 

  • Asphalt shingles:

Those on a budget can use this option because shingles are cheap compared to other roofing types available in the market. However, if you live in a region like Florida, it is completely useless to use this option because it can resist only wind with a speed of 110 miles per hour. So if you are on a budget, you can use this one, but you have to redo it after some time. 

  • Slate tiles:

This eco-friendly option can be attractive to most homeowners because of many things. First of all, its looks are better than metal roofing, but they can create a mess if you don’t deal with them properly. They can resist the winds of speed 110 miles per hour easily.

The procedure of installing these slate tiles is complicated because they are very heavy, and if tiles lose their place, they can cause so much damage in one go.

The best thing about slate roofing is that they are long-lasting, which means if you invest in them for once, they will benefit you for ages. Most slate roofing comes up with a warranty of 50 years which is unbelievably amazing.

Other factors for storm-proof roofs:

It would help if you considered different factors affecting the storm-proof roofs that are given below:

  • The shape of the roof should resist high winds.
  • The Pitch of your roof should be 30 degrees
  • Types of fasteners and straps
  • Pressure points
  • Points of entry
  • Length of hanging roof


If you live in a storm-prone area, you should invest money in the roof of your home and other protective essentials because if your home is safe, then you and your family are also safe from any type of storm with ease and comfort. So, it is preferred by the professionals to use the metal roofing in such areas, which is the most secure option far off. 

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