Top Tips for Throwing the Best Fancy Dress Party

Fancy dress isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they can be a lot of fun and are perfect for special occasions and celebrations such as Halloween! It’s a great way for people to be a little bit silly and pretend they are someone else for the evening, but like any kind of party, some are better than others. If you have a good reason to celebrate and would like to host a fancy-dress party to mark the occasion, use the following tips to make sure it’s the best fancy dress party that everyone will remember!

Pick a Theme

It can be nice to have people turn up at your party as all kinds of characters, but sometimes picking a theme for your party makes it easier for everyone to decide on their costumes. Trying to pick the right thing to wear can be overwhelming for some, so having a bit of guidance can help to put them at ease and feel more enthusiastic about your upcoming party. Some popular choices include the Roaring 20s if you want a Gatsby-inspired bash, film/TV characters, your favorite children’s storybook or nursery rhymes, pop bands and musicians, a sci-fi theme, or whatever you think would best reflect you or the event that you’re celebrating.

Find a Venue

Once you have decided what theme you’d like for your party, the next step is finding a suitable venue. You might choose to host the party at your home (which certainly has some benefits) but if you want to make an impression (and avoid having to clean up!) then choosing another venue could be ideal. Create a budget for your party so you know how much you are comfortable spending, and then use this as a way to find a venue that is within your price range. You should also ask about things such as catering packages or bar service and how much extra these will cost. If they can’t offer these things, you might need to hire an external company to do this for you or provide refreshments yourself.

Your Costume

You’d want your guests to make the effort when it came to their costumes, so you need to lead by example. You may even want to find that you’re the best dressed at your party, particularly if there is going to be a competition for the best costume! You could save some money by choosing to make your costume yourself and quality ones can be expensive. You should also think about investing in some accessories and props to complete your outfit, including special FX makeup products if your costume requires them.


While seeing everyone in costume will be a lot of fun, you’ll also need to think about other ways to keep your guests entertained. Consider hiring a live band or DJ to get everyone onto the dancefloor, or a photo booth where people can take silly photographs they can keep as mementos for the party. Caricaturists might also be another fun option, or magicians to wow the crowd with clever tricks. Think about the theme you have picked for your party, as this could help you to find the best entertainment, too.

If you want to make an impression with your next party, use these tips to host the ultimate fancy dress event that everyone will be sure to love.

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