Trollishly Insights On Potential TikTok Live Stream Shopping 

TikTok is generally a good application with versatile purposes. The application in recent times is excelling in every possible sector. This has proven to be one of the most excellent factors that keep the application succeeding. Likewise, it seems like the application is focusing on Livestream shopping also. The following are a few things about Livestream shopping and how TikTok works with it in the future.

Live Stream Shopping 

Live stream shopping or live shopping is simply a strategy wherein a celebrity or an influencer can market a product using the live option. It is more similar to home shopping in which a person demonstrates the effect and its features, after which the purchase process is made accordingly. It all works on live. The significant difference between live shopping and traditional shopping is that the procedures are highly advanced and fast. You can interact or connect with the host in real-time in live stream shopping. If you are a host, you can live stream products and buy TikTok views for it to gain more exposure online. 

Unlike traditional or conventional marketing, you can have a q&a session with the host to get deep insights into their products. You can also ask them to share their experience about using the products. This live stream shopping primarily happens on eCommerce applications or social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, etc. live streaming was initially popular in China since it has many online buyers. 

Who Leverages Livestream Shopping The Most?

Influencers discuss, test out, and showcase various things live on an application for their fans. Viewers of these live events take pleasure in the entertaining hosts’ entertainment and get immediate answers to any questions they may have about the merchandise.

Gamified information, such as promotions and freebies, is frequently provided to the audience throughout these live videos, but only for a limited time. This method of Livestream buying is particularly effective since it emphasises the sense of desperation brought on by scarcity or restricted availability. Furthermore, the dread of missing out on a potential bargain increases with the size of the audience observing.

TikTok And Livestream Shopping

To emulate its Chinese sister application, Douyin, and transform the short-form video network into a money-making engine for an extensive range of manufacturers, TikTok truly wishes to create a live-stream business. In 2021, Douyin earned $119 billion in sales revenue through live broadcasts, a 7x increase from the previous year, and more than 384 million users, or about half of the network’s user population, engaged in eCommerce live streams.

Given this, it is evident where TikTok is going, allowing for a fairer revenue split and maintaining the app’s creative base. Because of this, TikTok recently paid Ipsos to conduct a new survey to shed additional light on the benefits of live-streaming commerce for brands. A study has identified the following:

  • 1 in 4 checks on TikTok live streaming, and around 60+ percent of them watch them daily. 
  • 50% of TikTok users like video live content that the other non-TikTok users online.
  • More than 50 percent of TikTok users have purchased something after watching it live. Also, to gain more viewers to your live, you can take the help of Trollishly and make it seen by a massive audience community.  

Although it’s unclear whether western viewers would be as open to live-stream shopping as Chinese customers, the statistics are persuasive. So there’s undoubtedly a possibility for those who can pull it off.

The Primary Elements Of Live Stream Shopping

There are a few elements that play a significant role in Livestream shopping. So what makes an excellent Livestream shopping video? Consider these factors:


More e-commerce companies are beginning to allow Livestream shopping as it has more possibilities. Live shopping events are frequently held on social media sites like Facebook Live, Instagram, and e-commerce websites like Alibaba’s Taobao and Amazon, appealing to a demographic primarily made up of Today’s Generation and Millennials.


Anyone can host a Livestream shopping event; not everyone will be effective at it. However, KOLs, celebrities, and entertainers can be particularly successful at selling things when they Livestream because of the degree of trust and likeability that their community invests in them.


Livestream shopping events are most famous for fashion but are also common for other products like groceries and furniture. Sometimes hosts decide to preview a product before a broadcast to generate interest before introducing it after a webcast. Additionally, people are considering purchasing more pricey products like mansions and cars. China’s live broadcasting queen, Viya, even offered rocket launch services on Taobao for $5.6 million.

Video Content

The most exemplary Live stream shopping programs use raffles, freebies, and promotional discounts to create a sense of urgency and excitement amongst their viewers, even though the primary objective is to be able to market the products displayed on a show. The typical duration of these Live stream shopping sessions is 25 to 30 minutes, with lengthier shows performing much better.


With more businesses investigating the TikTok network, Live stream shopping on TikTok is quickly redefining how brands may interact with customers through reputable hosts. Even though live streaming is still reasonably new in the US, e-commerce businesses are looking to it as a way to increase sales in the future. Apart from this, the users could also opt to try Trollishly for increased sales and ROI.

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