Using The Buttress Toilet Support For Your Large-Sized Patients And Their Special Needs

Toilet seats are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and shades. However, modern variants of these may also offer alternatives like heating, padding, bidet, etc. 

The ideal toilet seat is the one that fulfills all your requirements – 

  • Physical skills
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • The shape of the toilet bowl
  • Budget

However, in certain cases, the patient may require specific accessories due to their weight and hence may need an extra large toilet seat to attain the most desirable results for their hygiene and sanitation needs.

Types of seats and styles to choose from –  

  • Open front toilet seat – 

These types of toilet seats are also available in the extra-large toilet seat variants. These bring a positive impact, especially for – 

  • Enhanced space for men to urinate while sitting
  • Wider opening to reach out to the difficult to reach areas and then clean the area out
  • Great for patients with a catheter or colostomy bags to attain the best results, especially when sitting on the toilet
  • Soft padded toilet seats

A padded toilet seat can be helpful in addition to the individuals who have sensitive skin or those patients having pressure soles. For an obese individual, these can be an awesome choice to ensure full comfort during a bowel movement. These can be supported by using the buttress Toilet supportto bear the huge weight of such individuals.

  • Wide toilet seats

While toilets with the buttress Toilet support can work well for obese patients, the toilet mentioned above the seat is ideal for those who rely on lateral sliding or wheelchair users to attain easy access to the seats. 

These can thus be an ideal surface for landing on, especially if the patient has extra large bottoms or thigh areas, and can accommodate bariatric needs. As a result, you can easily find models having a weight bearing capacity of up to 2000 pounds! 

  • Tall toilet seat

If you find yourself struggling to get up from the toilet or settle down on the existing one, then go for the taller toilet seats that can be used to attain a more elevated and more comfortable model. Many seats can add up to 2-3 inches of height and have specific spacers below the seat for achieving the best results. These look more elegant than any other form of handicap seat raising equipment. The latter also add only a few inches of height, and you may need to make a transition using the elevated toilet seat to be much higher and easy to reach down as per your requirements. 

  • Elevated toilet seat

An elevated toilet seat can be used to help you, specifically, if you are recovering from hip surgery, have arthritis in your knees or hips, and this makes stuff difficult. Elevated models are available in heights ranging from 3-6 inches and can also vary in the style they are attached to the toilet bowl. 

These are available as with and without any specific handles. With style having a handle, you attain extra leverage and make it easier to get up from the toilet. It is important to make sure to confirm the space present between the handles as per your requirements. 

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