Water Testing & Maintenance | Hot Tub Test Strips and More

Luxury comes with the responsibility of its sustainable maintenance. Your hot tub is among the coziest & most expensive bathroom fittings. It feels relaxing and awesome when you immerse yourself in a hot tub after spending frustrating hours at the workplace. Comfortable warmth of water along with hydrotherapy jets and pumps take your body and soul to a whole new level of satisfaction. The beautiful lighting effect and wireless multimedia control console adds cherry on the cake! If you don’t want any interruption in this experience, take care of maintenance too. It doesn’t require any professional assistance. All you need is to check the pH level with hot tub test strips and use some effective cleaning agents to wipe out the stains or dirt. Let’s begin with the basic information. 

Why Your Hot Tub Need Regular Cleaning

When your hot tub frequently accommodates all the family members, water quality, as well as the inner surface, gets affected. Below is a list of the biggest contributors getting your hot tub dirty:- 

  • High alkaline low pH cloudy water. 
  • Body wash, shampoos, detergents and other agents creating foamy water. 
  • Imbalance in pH causing algae blooms.
  • White mold and bacteria growing in the plumbing system of your hot tub. 
  • Dirty water due to uncleaned filters. 
  • Dirty filters causing damage to the pump. 
  • Damage caused to the outermost layer of the tub. You need to drain the entire water to check this damage. 

Important Things You Need to Clean a Hot Tub

Testing is the first thing to consider before you start with the cleaning process. Testing strips are available in the market to check water quality whether it is acidic, alkaline or neutral. When you dip a strip in the water, its changed color indicates the levels of hardness, chlorine and bromine etc. 

  • Surface cleaning agent 

Hot tubs surfaces are made up of different materials i.e. fiberglass, ceramic or vinyl. According to the surface, you need a suitable cleaning agent. Spray surface cleaners are the best options currently available in the market. Do some research on the top trending brands. The spray reaches almost every corner of your tub where other liquid solutions cannot work properly. 

  • Scrubbing brush 

After leaving the sprayed cleaning agent on the surface for a certain period of time, you need a brush to remove the build-up stains. Make sure that the brush is neither too soft nor too hard. Also, its design must be practical enough to reach every corner. 

  • Filter cleaner

If your filter is not clean, the water will get dirty more frequently. Also, the filter’s life reduces drastically. As a preventive measure, it is advisable to use a filter cleaning solution. Apply a filter cleaning solvent at least once in 2-3 months. 

  • Drainage pipe cleaner 

All expensive and cheap hot tubs in the UK need regular drainage system cleaning. Sticky substances like oil and grease provide ideal conditions for the growth of mold. Add your pipe cleaner to the full hot tub right before draining. 

If you are expecting a hassle-free longer life of your hot tub, don’t miss any of the above-mentioned cleaning accessories from the shopping checklist.

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