Ways to Add a Traditional Look To The Outfit

Fashion has been through a continuous proves of evolution. Not just evolution, it has mixed with several different cultures. And, now we have an amalgamation of varieties of styles.

Different cultures have different ways of explaining fashion. This is expressed through the various ways and components of it. Such as incorporating a bindi or cashmere shawls can effectively provide a hint of the Indian culture, while skirts, t-shirts, and heels belong to western culture. But, showing off one’s culture through the attires has been trendy. And also has helped to show respect towards one’s culture.

Here Are Some Ways to Incorporate The Indian Tradition in One’s Attire –

Heavy Indian Jewelry

Whenever one tries to imagine an Indian look, the thing that strikes one’s head is heavy jewelry. Indian semi-precious gemstones jewelry constitutes a wide range of variations. Thus, incorporating golden or silver earrings, necklaces, nose pins can be the most effective and stunning way to reflect the Indian culture.

The Bindi

One of the unique style statements that represent the Indian culture is the bindi. Interestingly, different states of India have different styles of bindi. Through them, one represents the Indian culture and also the particular state they might belong to. Many celebrities have reported being styling the bindi to showcase the Indian tradition in several significant events.


Shawls add the Indian essence to any outfit very elegantly. Moreover, there are different varieties of them to match different moods and styles. The fabric of the cashmere shawls is considered to be the finest and softest. Other types of shawls include the Pashmina, do-shalas, knit shawls, and stoles. One can style all of them with any attire to blend a part of Indian fashion.

The Indian-Styled Footwear

These are known as the Kolhapuris. The elegance and classic outlook make it efficient in matching with any western outfit. The Juttis are the ones that are popular in the state of Punjab. This footwear is characterized by ample embroideries, which are done with golden and silver threads. The uniqueness and beauty of the footwear are sure to make many heads turn.

Floral Designs

Indian fashion has been marked with floral designs in all aspects. From the jewelry designs to the designs on footwear, floral embroidery has been a statement for Indian culture. Thus, incorporating anything having floral designs can easily be a representation of the traditional essence.


Bangles have remained integral fashion statements for the Indians. Poets have also connected the lives of the women with different colors and textures of the bangles. Be it any regular day or any bridal ceremony. Bangles are the most commonly used accessories in Indian culture. The bangles never fail to uplift the beauty and elegance of all types of attires.

These were the simplest ways one can include their traditional essence to their look. It is said that culture thrives only when it allows the other cultures to blend in with it. And, fashion can connect different cultures along with keeping their tradition alive.


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