What Are The Career Options In Communication Design?

A specialised professional discipline, Communication design, employs visuals, texts and appropriate media vehicles like digital, electronic & print etc. to convey apt information about the product and/or service to the required target audience. The primary objective is to build brand and create a positive imagery to influence the masses, so as to garner high sales and hence revenue. Communication Designer formulates the communication basis the insights gained from research & analysis of the end customer, their preferences, market realities etc. Furthermore, he is also required to gain competencies in technical skills including colour theory, typography, animation, page layout, application of  graphic designing and multimedia tools etc.

Communication Design has an essential role in multiple disciplines including film making, digital & print media, animation, game design, photography, motion graphics, interaction design, 3D artists etc. 


  • Creativity
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Communication & Networking skills
  • Commercial mindset
  • Understanding of varied software
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player
  • Problem Solving ability
  • Organised & adherence to strict deadlines

Careers after Masters in Communication Design:

We are listing as under few of the immense prospects that students command on completion of their Masters in Communication Design: 

Print Media Designer: He plays an essential role, for he designs the layout of the print media such that it has an enhanced visual appeal thereby grabbing attention of the reader. Now when digital media is gaining traction, his job responsibilities include enhanced customer engagement besides maintaining digital marketing materials like digital ads, emails, landing pages, web pages, HTML mailers and graphics etc.  

Graphic Designer: Utilizing artistic sensibilities and technical knowledge and software, he develops captivating visual concepts that holds the attention of end customers leading to superior brand recall. His work includes developing logos, ads, posters, brochures, animations etc.  

Interior Designer: His role involves conceptualising and designing of functional, sublime & efficient interior spaces for both residential and commercial projects so as to give a spellbinding experience to end customers. 

UI/UX Designers: They are essential for the success of the digital product, for they ensure that it is engaging, interactive, logical, user-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. This ensures that UI/UX Designers have immense job prospects. 

  • A UX Designer gains insight basis the research on end user and hence develops a wireframe, structure Information architecture as well as prototypes to test the online product. He is responsible to ensure that the final digital product is efficient, convenient and logical, thereby commanding huge brand loyalty. 
  • A UI Designer develops visual styling besides designing the aesthetics of the digital product including icons, web pages, buttons, colour schemes, transitions and interface animations. He also is responsible for smooth product navigation- Voice-Controlled Interface or Gesture Based Interface or Graphical User Interface

Information Designer: He must possess artistic abilities, proficiency in typography and statistical analysis besides an understanding of human psychology so as to be able to blend non-visual elements, text, facts & figures and graphics in a manner that the boring information is presented in an attractive and functional, meaningful way so as to garner higher eyeballs. 

Gain your Masters in Communication Design and open doors to success.  

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