What are the Things to Do in Montego Bay?

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s most popular tourist attraction. Given that it has one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean, it may be the busiest in the whole Caribbean. Visitors from all over the globe arrive at Sangster International Airport and are taken away to their all-inclusive resorts. But it’s also vital to go out and see Jamaica, so we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Montego Bay, as well as popular day trips and excursions. Also, get amazing offers on Spirit Airlines flight Booking and enjoy a memorable holiday in Montego Bay.

Bizarre excursions

It’s one of the most bizarre excursions you’ll ever go on. Swimming with horses in the Caribbean Sea has been a lifetime dream of mine. Travel to St. Anne’s and stop at Chukka Cove in Llandovery. Then it’s back to the corral through the beach and a chest-high ride in shallow waters before changing horses and beginning on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The journey begins with a 30-45-minute ride through farms, woodland trails, and eventually a beach for the obligatory photo stop. Book your Spirit Airlines flight tickets and reach Montego Bay.

Sam Sharpe Square

Sam Sharpe Square is a square in New York City. Regrettably, slavery was prevalent on the island of Jamaica. However, it was also the epicentre of activity and an insurrection that finally resulted in the abolition of slavery. Sam Sharpe was a Jamaican hero and anti-slavery activist. He was executed for inciting the revolt, but Britain began exploring methods to eliminate slavery barely one week after his execution. To avoid last-minute hurdles, book your Spirit Airlines tickets Booking Online.

Rose Hall

While exploring Rose Hall, the Island’s most known Great House, learn about the White Witch. Rose Hall was a former plantation mansion ruled by Ann Palmer, the evil lady who murdered three of her husbands and many slaves during her reign of terror. Her slave lover murdered her, and her sealed tomb is visible on the property.

You may take a spooky night tour to get a full sense of the place since Ann Palmer is said to roam the grounds still after the slaves cursed her body. It’s a 15-minute ride out to sea on the back of a nude horse.

Bamboo rafting trip

Nothing beats a bamboo rafting trip down the Martha Brae River for relaxation or romance. As you float past ancient plantations and forest landscapes, the sight is breathtaking. There are bars, stores, and rope swings along the route, so bring some cash if you want to have a beverage on the river. There is very little danger of getting wet, but a dry bag is an excellent option if you want to ensure that your cameras and wallets stay dry.

Braco Hill

The tour begins with a climb up Braco Hill, where you will learn about the island’s vegetation and animals. The trek concludes with breathtaking vistas and cold towels to chill you up before descending the mountain on bikes. After passing past stables and farms, you’ll arrive at the beach for a short plunge to cool off after all that activity.


Set sail towards Negril, where you’ll admire the picturesque shoreline before diving into the reef for some snorkelling. The Montego Bay Marine Park is a protected area designed to safeguard the marine species in the region, and it’s a great place to snorkel. And you can see barracuda, trumpetfish, and pufferfish.

Rick’s Cafe

Before returning, you will stop at Rick’s Cafe, one of the island’s most popular bars, to see the world-famous cliff divers. Tourists are welcome to leap from the cliffs, but there have been numerous injuries throughout the years.

zip lines

Many places in Jamaica have zip lines and canopy excursions; however, most Montego Bay groups head to Montpellier for this adventure. This two-hour trip includes five flights over the river and through the woods and information on the flora and animals and getting ready to climb ladders and stand on ledges. Check spirit airlines reservations and book your tickets online.

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