What does Neurology have to do with Back Pain?

Neurology deals with the central nervous system. The central nervous system is a very complex system of nervous tissues that control what happens in the body. In humans, the central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord in the spinal cavity. The spinal cord is located in the spinal canal and the brain is located in what is called the cranial cavity. The peripheral nervous system is also a part of this system, which includes the nerves and the ganglia, where the nerve cells bundle.

In the case of back pain, it should be noted that the central nervous system runs through the spine. All pain responses run through the spinal cord, which is the source of pain in the back. In this sense, neurology is of great importance to back pain. An example of how this process works in neurology is a pinched nerve or a herniated disc. These nerves are part of the system that travels up the spine and to the brain, where pain is registered.

When it comes to neurosurgery, the definition is a very specific medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a disorder or injury to the central nervous system.

If you are experiencing back pain, our neurosurgeons at Texas Back Institute are responsible for diagnosing and treating the condition that is causing your discomfort. Our experienced neurology department at Texas Back Institute understands that each pain patient is unique and has a variety of conditions and causes. Our professional and trained neurologists work with us to explore and uncover the cause of your symptoms.

Our neurosurgeons are among the best back pain specialists who are committed to building long-term relationships with their patients. Relieving our patients of their pain is a process that needs to be monitored after treatment. There are several ways that discomfort can evolve after treatment, whether it is a return to the practice that caused the original injury or a new evolution through everyday activities. We strive to provide the best possible outcomes for patients seeking help through our neurologists.

Because surgery is almost always not the last step in overcoming back pain, we understand that your pain and injury may develop into a long-term problem. If surgery is the right option for you, both parties must commit to rebuilding the strength of your back to keep you as pain-free as possible. By its very nature, after surgery, the connective tissues and nerves may be weakened. That’s why it’s very important that our team of neurologists build a long-lasting relationship with patients to support continued recovery and strengthening after surgery.

We are confident that you can manage your pain with us. We are committed to keeping your pain under control with the dedication you need to continue living your life the way you deserve.For more info visit www.gncdubai.com

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