What is the difference between cowhide leather and genuine leather?

Who doesn’t love to wear jackets and coats made up of leather? Pure warmth, comfortability, and style altogether, leather is one of the most used material for outerwear, footwear, handbags, tools, furniture, and sports equipment as well. In the line of clothing, leather has become the top choice among the garments and everyone loves to carry the outerwear and outfits manufactured with high-quality leather. Leather has its own class and separate fan base! Outfits manufactured with top-notch quality leather provide comfort and warmth to the person and look versatile with every attire. Since leather looks classy and fashionable, it has become a norm among the commoners to wear leather outfits in each season.
Have you recently bought a leather jacket? Or are you planning to buy it?
If yes, then this is high time when you should understand the fact that not all the leather outfits and jackets available in the market are real and authentic. While making the investment in the leather jacket, you must learn the realities of genuine and real leather. A real leather product is always costly and would be very expensive due to the full-grain and real animal-skin tanning process. Be it the leather handbag or the leather jacket, if it is made up of real full-grain leather, it would be way so costly! However, on the other hand, genuine leather is the lowest quality of leather among all the other types of leather. The products that are manufactured with the help of genuine leather are of low-quality bonded with the glue and paint to make the product look uniform. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to walk through some essential facts about cowhide real leather and fake genuine leather. Before buying the leather product next time, make sure to understand the differences between genuine and cowhide leather. As you are going to make a long-term investment so stay cautious about it.


The cowhide leather or say the natural real leather is the unbleached and real skin-hair of a cow. Similarly, sheepskin and goatskin are also used for jackets and other outfits. Also, animal skin is considered the most robust leather due to its extreme tenderness, flexibility, and light-weightiness.
Cowhide leather retains the original coloring of the animal. This is frequently processed into leather and the real leather jackets along with other coats are made with cowhide and different animals’ skins. Although, the skins of animals are being used by humans since ancient ages nowadays fake leather is also showing up in the market. Production of cowhide leather is quite simple however, the products manufactured with cowhide leather are quite costly and expensive. Softness and comfortability in the cowhide leather are next to the remarkable quality. Chrome tanning and the major thickness of the cowhide leather also make it a comfortable and versatile option to carry throughout the winters.
Basically, cowhide is the same as real leather and can last very long. This one is the natural and unbleached skin and hair of the cow.
Cowhide calfskin is the outcome accomplished through different processes including the process of tanning cowhide. This makes this leather completely comfortable and versatile to wear. The color of the skin is also not damaged with the tanning process. When completed, the cowhide calfskin is utilized for the making of few distinct items. These items incorporate cowhide coats and clothing, shoes, wallets, furniture, various sorts of stuffing, and numerous others. A jacket is the most popular product that is made with cowhide leather and is easily available in the market. However, the skin of cowhide leather may turn out to be a little less flexible than goatskin leather.


Genuine leather is basically the lowest type of leather that is used with the bonded leather along with the glue and paints to make it look smooth and finished. A lot of people get received due to the resemblance of a genuine shearling jacket with the real full-grain jacket as the color and style are almost the same!
In the wintery days when people are being crazy to buy jackets and coats made up of leather, they make the biggest mistake of buying the genuine leather jacket and faux leather coats in the name of real leather products.
Real and pure leather is basically created with the skin of the animals; be it the cow, sheep, or even goat! The skins and hides of the animals help in the creation of outstanding quality real leather that is highly expensive.
However, the genuine leather is a little of the lowest quality leather. The smell of the genuine leather is also goofy and isn’t energizing at all.
But the fact that brings the genuine leather products in demand is its pricing. With being less expensive and looking a lot like the real leather, genuine leather is all enough to make anybody a good fool in the name of pricing tag!
Genuine leather products are never durable like real leather or top-grain leather. The reason behind its failure is that the genuine leather is produced with the leftover layers of the animal skin after the great top layers are split off in order to be used for the great leather products.


If you are the one who is looking forward to buying some leather coat or jacket this winter then make sure to either go with the full-grain leather jacket or you can also go with the sheepskin or cowhide leather outfits. But beware, do not make the wrong decision of choosing faux or genuine leather products for your wintery outings!


Buying a leather-made product would only be beneficial if you are going to make a long-term investment. Real leather or full-grain leather products and jackets may turn out to be expensive and costly but they would be worth the money. However, buying a faux leather or genuine leather product would be a total waste. So ensure to make a long-term investment and decision about your winters!

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