What should we eat throughout the day as per Ayurvedic Principles?

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Healthy Eating

No meal skipping

According to Ayurveda, “A dietary routine is only considered healthy if you eat at least three meals a day. You are not supposed to skip meals or observe a fast of any kind.”

Light breakfast & Dinner, Heavy Lunch

One primary mistake which every individual makes is that he takes up everything in excess. But it is not at all good. It is always suggested that a person should eat a light breakfast, not heavy but a substantial lunch and extremely light dinner. If you follow this rule, then we can bet that you will neer have to face any kind of health issue.

Get up Routine

It is suggested to the individuals to consume a glass of hot water with the lemon juice added to it. It will keep your digestive capabilities high and help you to assimilate the food in the best possible way.

No caffeinated beverages

According to the ayurvedic principles, individuals should not take up caffeinated beverages like coffee in the morning. If your body is addicted to it, then it is suggested to have it once the proper meal is intaken.

Here’s a morning routine

As we have mentioned this thing at the beginning of the article as well, it is the light breakfast with which we should start our morning process.

Note: If you often skip breakfast in the morning, then there are high chances that you will feel tempted to have a packet of chips or something which is usually fried.

Try to have fresh fruits and then you are suggested to follow a diet which includes warm cereal and the whole wheat chapati at the interval of 30 minutes.

It is usually suggested not to eat something which is vol in nature. Warm and freshly cooked meals should be preferred for breakfast.

The lunch routine

When we are talking of a healthy lunch then we are referring to a healthy platter that is filled with more than 2 to 3 vegetables. One of which should be green, one should be lentils and the last one should be some kind of dairy dish which includes something like paneer. It will be able to provide your body with healthy nutrients.

The dinner time

When we are talking about dinner, then it is suggested to have some light meal which includes something like the vegetable and the vegetable grain mix dish.

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