Which facts should you know about Indian food and cuisine?

In today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the facts concerning Indian food. As we all know, it is the kind of food that has so much to say about the flavours, herbs and the spices. According to the chefs who are working for years in the famous Indian restaurant Ettalong Beach are of the view that it is Indian food alone that has so many historical facts and studies associated with it. So are you all ready to know the interesting facts about Indian food?

Note: Every Indian restaurant offers authentic food since Indians present an Australian experience of having a touch with their motherland by tasting the food of the country.

The secret ingredient is the spices and the herbs

According to the chefs working in the Indian restaurant in Sydney, “It is always the spices and the herbs that are responsible for bringing about the nicest aroma and the tastes in the food. If you notice any dish that has countless flavours and you do not even know the names of the herbs and the spices which are making your taste buds go awe, then without any doubt, just become firm that it is the Indian dish.”

It can be both healthy and tasty

It has been a famous societal notion that says that if a food can be healthy, it can’t be tasty or vice versa. But none of these facts is true since it is possible in the case of Indian food to give both healthy and tasty touches.

Indian food is eaten with the hands

No matter what kind of Indian cuisine it is. It can be enjoyed and benefited to the next extent if it is eaten with the hands. According to the Indian scriptures, “It is the tips of the fingers that have so much energy in it and which does not let the people fall sick so early. This could be taken as the probable reason why people in early India used to live for so many years.

Indian food has so many cultural ethics associated with it

So many are the regions that many are the cultural ethics associated with the food. For example, Indians have the strong belief that the food is to be eaten while sitting on the ground. It is usually an act of presenting gratitude to God for providing individuals with the healthiest kind of food.

Indian food is tastier when cooked with the conventional techniques

The conventional cooking techniques involve cooking food on the chulha and vessels to be used should be made up of clay. With these two things, you cannot imagine what kind of flavours you can achieve in the food.

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