Why are Indian schools in Abu Dhabi gaining so much popularity?

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is also the UAE’s political, industrial, cultural, and commercial hub. After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the country’s second most popular city. It also boasts a multi-ethnic culture with a varied range of cultures.

 Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi:

 In Abu Dhabi, there are a number of Indian schools to pick from. It is home to some of the most prestigious Indian schools in the world. Through their great curriculums, these institutions have earned a reputation for providing quality education, diversity, and holistic development of children.

The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi has also rated Indian schools as “very good” or “outstanding.” CBSE and IB are the most prevalent curricula offered by Indian schools in Abu Dhabi; these two curricula are also quite popular in India, allowing students to learn and adapt rapidly.

Campuses of Indian Higher Secondary Schools in Abu Dhabi

Campuses of Indian Higher Secondary School in Abu Dhabi are outfitted with cutting-edge technology that is available to all of the school’s students. These opportunities also expose students to facilities that will help them better prepare for future obstacles.

Holistic Development

There are a lot of Indian schools in Abu Dhabi that cater to such a diverse group of students. From the early grades onwards, good schools keep an eye on the changing sectors. The emphasis is on the holistic development of kids who join these Higher Secondary Schools. Equal weightage is given to both academics and co-curricular activities to enable children to gain all-around development.

Literacy in terms of technology

Indian schools strive to make their student’s global citizens and members of the global culture. They accomplish this by putting a strong emphasis on technology, such as artificial intelligence, English labs, skill-based learning, leadership, and community building. Technology plays an important role in the Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi, which stems from the fact that India is a hub for IT. There are a variety of educational options in Abu Dhabi, but one that is growing rapidly across the board is online education, regardless of curriculum. Online education, particularly in higher secondary schools, has not only aided students in staying educated during the pandemic, but it is also here to stay.

For example, Indian schools have great systems in place for online tutoring, application-based learning, progress, and testing through platforms such as Microsoft Team and Google Meet, among others. Even before the pandemic, online education was rising slowly, but COVID-19 has demonstrated that the future of learning for secondary schools is a hybrid model that gives students the best of both worlds.

 Technology, through online courses, virtual study groups, and growth prospects, puts kids in the spotlight as a result of the pandemic. Technology has transcended continents, classrooms, and interactions, and is no longer contained in a box called a computer.

 Healthcare is a top consideration for school admissions in Abu Dhabi

 Healthcare is a top consideration for school admissions in Abu Dhabi:  With telemedicine and online checkups, as well as an impending pandemic and financial crisis, health has emerged as a forerunner of good schools in Abu Dhabi. Given the long-screen exposure, schools are looking at both the physical and emotional health of their students.

Infrastructure has, in fact, evolved into a screened utility. In such instances, any Indian school admissions in Abu Dhabi should indeed prioritize the health of the children.

Human Connection, Diversity, Creativity, and Empathy

 Abu Dhabi is unquestionably a worldwide city to reside in. Because ex-pats constitute the majority of the population, respect for variety in learning and culture becomes a predominant value. Secondary schools in Abu Dhabi teach their students the value of accepting and honoring individuals and disciples from many backgrounds.

Secondary education in Abu Dhabi, particularly in Indian schools, emphasizes critical thinking and the formation of perspectives based on shared experiences as well as individual and lived experiences.


Apart from the already established frameworks of academia, extracurricular, sports, and health; blended learning, skills, technology, and human connection are progressively becoming the desired advantage of higher secondary schools in Abu Dhabi. Infrastructure is also important in providing students with a sense of independence, curiosity, and continuous learning in a pleasant hybrid learning format.

It is critical to provide your child with the appropriate education so that they can flourish in the classroom and achieve academic success. Students attending Indian schools in Abu Dhabi receive an internationally competitive and locally relevant education. An Indian student studying in an Indian school overseas will receive the same education that they would receive at home, with the added benefit of international learning experience and exposure. Students will also take Arabic and English classes, which will expose them to a completely new world.


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