Why contact sports should not be banned in schools

The debate about banning contact sports at schools is not new, and the current situation after the pandemic has excited it once again. Contact sports involve physical contact between the players, such as football, basketball, rugby, etc. In the UK, the most popular contact sports in schools are rugby and football. Sport is a significant part of the healthy development of children, and therefore, it has been given importance at schools and the curriculum. However, the long-term effects of contact sports on children have given rise to the question of whether or not contact sports should be banned at schools. Following are the reasons that support the continuity of contact sports in schools.


One of the major social issues nowadays is a lack of tolerance and respect for others. Due to this, many problems arise in society. Contact sports, in which one gets to play in a team with his fellows against the competitors, are a good source of mutual respect and tolerance. The sportsmen’s spirit makes them respectful towards their fellows without any thought of discrimination. It helps them during the game and in their lives and ultimately makes them responsible citizens.


Confidence is the key to success in everything we do. The power enables an individual to represent himself and his views in front of the world and claim his due position. Contact sports are a great source of boosting the confidence of children and make them competent. They elevate the level of self-esteem among children and enable them to pursue perfection. Sports tell children that failure is an opportunity to grow and improve. Those who are not afraid of failure and treat losses as a source of learning become confident. They always look for ways to improve their performance and polish their talents. They learn to embrace their uniqueness and face the world with the best of their talents without any fear.


By far, there is no great source of learning teamwork other than contact sports for children. Nobody can live in complete isolation, and to survive in this modern world, it is necessary to learn interpersonal skills. In our lives we have to work with different people on almost a daily basis and to be effective in our dealing with people we must know how to work in teams and groups. Contact sports involve collective efforts to reach a goal, and it trains students to work with others for a common objective. It installs such a significant skill in students that helps them throughout their life.

Health and fitness:

There is no second thought in the idea that health is real wealth. The performance of any activity depends upon the health of an individual. Contact sports, due to their dynamic nature, keep students active and their bodies healthy. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind essential for becoming a productive citizen and a successful being. To be efficient at a game, children exercise regularly and take care of their diet. These healthy habits benefit them in the long run. Due to better health, they do not get sick frequently, and ultimately absenteeism at schools is reduced. Moreover, good physical health improves their mental health also, and they become proficient at their studies. They may also offer their assignment writing service to students when they have better academic performance.


Discipline is essential for having a purposeful life irrespective of career choice. Childhood is the best time to train children to be disciplined as this learning remains in their memory forever. And the best way to discipline children is through sports. When children play games following the respective rules and regulations, they learn to remain disciplined in their lives in every activity they do. They learn that discipline makes things easier to accomplish and saves them from many hardships.


We have to deal with the organization of resources to fulfill our needs every day, and those who fail to do this face challenges. Sports teach children to be better organizers if they want to win. They try different strategies until they find the one that suits their team the most. Moreover, they learn to act according to the situation and adapt to change as quickly as possible. All this results in teaching them some lifelong lessons. They become responsible for their belongings as well as their decisions. This enables them to succeed in the challenges of life.


Every action starts with the planning, and it determines the success of the task done. Proper planning is necessary for accomplishing a goal, and in the absence of adequate planning, one tends to face losses. Planning increases efficiency and effectiveness, making big challenges seem easier to achieve. Children, while playing, go through the planning process several times. They plan, analyze, test, and then approve or reject their proposed plan. This enhances their critical thinking abilities and polishes their planning skills. Both these skills are vital to outshine others in life.


Contact sports have a high risk of injuries during play, and therefore, children have to be more protective of themselves as well as others. This develops better defense and survival skills among them, and they respond better if faced with an uncertain situation. They learn to keep themselves safe in the presence of danger while struggling to achieve their goals. They also learn to keep people around them safe and ensure their security.


No sport can be played and won in the absence of cooperation and coordination among teammates. When many people work together to reach a goal, they learn to support each other and promote others with themselves. This is an essential skill that works wonders if taught at an early age. It helps children to be better human beings for others. There are many benefits to supporting contact sports at schools. However, it must be done under strict precautions as it is clear that there remains the danger of injury in contact sports. However, banning them due to fear of injury is wrong. Necessary safety precautions must be observed, and children must be allowed to learn and enjoy through contact sports at schools.

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