Why is 360 Degree Photography Becoming Popular?

The world of photography is ever-evolving. There are new concepts and trends that change the way photography operates. Therefore, the genre of product photography has also progressed, evolved, and changed for good.

One such trend that is becoming widely popular in product photography is the use of 360-degree style. Major sites such as Amazon are using 360-degree technology in Amazon product photography.

The addition of 360-degree imagery gives the customers what they actually demand and that is more information about the product. Today, customers are cautious of their choices and want much more than just still product images.

360-degree photographs meet the customers’ demands and also bring in more perks to product photography. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that 360-degree images offer and the reasons that they are becoming popular.

1.      Increased conversion rate

One of the reasons why 360-degree images are becoming popular is because they are compelling. In comparison to regular still product images, the 360-degree images are engaging and commit people to checkout almost more than 55% than the still images.

Product images help buyers in reducing the skepticism they have while checking out a certain product. The use of rotating 360-degree images allows customers to look at the product from every angle and therefore, building their confidence to buy the product.

Most of the time, misleading images of the product lead to abandoning the product page. Whereas, 360-degree images solve the issue of misled images and provide customers the full and authentic view of the product.

The customers are aware of what exactly they are looking at which leads them to buy the product if it fits their needs. It has been observed that the conversion rate increases by almost 13% when websites use 360-degree images.

2.       Enhanced online shopping experience

While consumers have happily embraced the perks of the online shopping experience, there are certain things that e-commerce sites cannot offer to customers. The lack of touch and feel of the product while shopping online is a major shopping experience difference.

The way consumers interacted with the product when shopping in-store, enhanced their overall experience. Although the same level of experience cannot be achieved when shopping online, the use of 360-degree images definitely adds some level of interactiveness and engagement.

Customers can scroll over the product image and choose to view the product in whichever way they want. They can zoom in or out, rotate the image to see every angle of the product, and do more.

The customers can virtually view the product exactly the way they want with 360-degree images. This instantly improves the overall shopping experience of the customers and earns a good impression from the shoppers. Today, more brands whether it is small or major brands use 360-degree styles.

Amazon product photography is often noted with 360-degree images for the enhanced shopping experience.

3.      Reduced return of products

Despite adding high-quality product photographs, many websites experience huge amounts of product returns. Returns can be a major turn-off for e-commerce businesses as they cost you more and make a negative impact on your revenue.

According to reports, the rate of product returns is high when shopping online. Almost 30% of all products which are purchased from online stores are returned due to different reasons. The primary reason being that the products look different in real life than what they looked in the images.

But when you incorporate 360 rotating images to the product lineup images then you provide a better scope to customers for viewing the product. The customer will have a clearer understanding of what they can expect when they receive the product.

Shoppers get visually accurate and well-informed images with 360-degree photography. This ultimately builds their buying decision and reduces the rate of product returns.

4.      Establishes authenticity of products & builds customer trust

The still product images aren’t enough when it comes to showcasing the authenticity of your products online. Now more than ever, buyers want to know about the authenticity of the brand as more and more fraudulent products are found online.

One of the effective ways to build customer trust and establish product authenticity is to include 360-degree imagery. Customers will have a great view of the product that they are intending to buy online.

The 360-degree images give control to customers in whichever way they wish to see the product. This ultimately offers enhanced visual representation, eliminating the barriers to view the products online.

Customers gain trust and become assured that they are searching for a credible brand where there are no barriers involved.

5.      Brings in new dimension to marketing strategy

If you happen to promote and advertise your products over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then you must know that the product images and ad-copy need to be up-to-the-mark. In order to stay ahead of the competition and achieve maximum visibility, you need more than still product images.

The 360-degree product images fit right in when you implement these strategies online. Stock product images in your marketing campaigns won’t be enough if you wish to appeal to the users.

However, 360-degree images certainly add a new dimension to your marketing strategy. They are engaging and have the ability to reach out to many customers.

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to enjoy added perks then you must include 360-degree rotating images in product photography. Whether it is Amazon product photography or other e-commerce site photography, the 360-degree style definitely boosts your product images.

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