Why is Buying Printed Books Better than Reading eBooks on a Screen?


The 21st century has brought with it Kindles and iPads that have revolutionized how people consume reading media. Even though there are many people who have adopted the new habit of reading eBooks, there are also many people who still enjoy reading their favorite books, novels, and even their BA history books

One of the main reasons that still makes traditional printing stand out in the competition is cheap book printing options. This has allowed authors, especially educational books, to publish their books at a cost-effective rate. This has increased printed books’ availability in bookstores. 

Now, if you are about to buy your educational books like BA history books, BA geography books,and likewise, here are some reasons why you should opt for printed books over PDFs. 

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  • More enjoyable

The printed book comes with nice soft pages and good binding that feels good on hands. Printed books also have a smell of their own which no PDF would have. These offer an enjoyable experience that would help you remain invested in what you are reading. But when you are reading eBooks, you would just be staring at a screen the entire time. 

  • Marginalia

The greatest advantage of using printed books is that you can note down important things on the margins of the books that you are reading. That way, you would be able to write extra information or write the meaning of words on the book without requiring an extra copy for the things. Whereas when you buy eBooks, the most you can do is highlight important sections of the book. 

  • Longer life

An electronic device can hardly last up to five years when you regularly use it for reading purposes. But you would not have to face that issue when you are reading printed textbooks. When you purchase books, you will have them throughout your whole life. Moreover, you can even look them up on the shelf from time to time for reference study. 

  • Eyestrain 

Your eyes would be subjected to a lot of pressure when reading your BA geography books on phones, conventional computer screens, or tablets. However, when you are reading printed books like BA geography book, it would not strain your eyes like PDFs and eBooks. You would not have to worry about getting power in your eyes when reading printed books regularly. 

  • Requires no technology 

To read eBooks, you need a smart device, wifi, charger, and sometimes even batteries. You may even need to “theft protect” your device as they are a liability. But with printed books, you can leave them on your desk while you use the restroom. You will find your book at the same place where you have left it when you come back. 

Wrapping Up

The digital revolution comes with its advantages, but nothing can replace the feeling and benefits of using printed books. And now, with online bookstores, you can even order books online and get them delivered to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Go and order your books today. 

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