Why startups Should Use A Cloud Based Call Center Software

In the modern world driven by technology, it takes a lot for a business to sustain and thrive. There also needs to be due consideration to a lot of things for a business to choose. There needs to be strategic choices and decision making. However, whatever the business strategy may be and the options a business chooses, they want to make sure their customer experience is smooth and seamless. It is the primary concern of business amongst many others.  This customer experience is driven by various cloud telephony providers in India who provide a plethora of cloud telephony solutions.

This is the case because it directly concerns the sustenance and growth of your business. There are a lot of sectors like online retailers that gain revenue and ROI. if the customers not only get good products but also have “great experience” with the brand. For example, if a customer experiences that one of the products they got is faulty and the brand offers easy returns, no questions asked, chances are the customer would go back to the brand again.

Most online retailers and even businesses that function out of physical locations, need to not only have such customer centric procedures and processes. They also need contact centers that facilitate these processes. It becomes all the more important for start-ups to have a contact center. And most businesses in their earlier stages cannot afford to have a contact center; this is where cloud contact center comes into the picture. There are other cloud telephony solutions that make it possible for businesses to have stellar CSat and other customer experience KPIs.

Before we dive deeper to understand why a start-up should use a cloud contact center. Let us first understand, what is a cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center is a web-hosted calling solution that manages every voice customer interactions for your company. In essence, it is a software solution that can help a business communicate with customers over different channels.

However, voice-based contact center solutions make it easier for businesses to have seamless interactions with its customers. They are hardware-less and cost-effective- making it inexpensive for businesses to have their own contact center and integrate with their CRMs.

Now let’s look at why a start-up should use a cloud contact center solution

  1. Enhances Efficiency & Productivity

Contact Center Software solutions efficiently enhance business productivity and customer experience. Since the processes are streamlined, a customer has a pleasant experience with the business. There is optimized wait time and other solutions like IVR being integrated to ensure that customer queries are resolved quickly. Since there is CRM integration too, a customer executive can quickly fetch the details of a customer to give them a personalized and relevant experience.

2.  Boosted Customer Experience

Cloud contact centers help businesses provide a delightful experience to its customers. It can integrate with other channels of support to offer customers an experience that they will like. A business can even easily integrate its contact center software with speech analytics and chatbots to offer a seamless experience that is designed to garner loyalty and trust.

  1. Enhanced Security

Currently, data is of central importance in each industry and sector. And it is on businesses to ensure that data is duly protected for better outcomes across processes. In Cloud Contact center software, data is stored on the cloud. Hence, it is robustly secured and is not hampered with, in case of any hardware errors. And since only data can be accessed via a password by designated executives, it makes pertinent sense for a business, and especially startups to get cloud contact center solutions.

  1. Track Performance and KPIs

The call center software empowers a start-up to evaluate the services/products it offers to its customers. They can analyze calls to understand what they can do better to grow. The managers can use the cloud call center telephony solution in tracking the productivity of their operations. Moreover, most cloud hosted call centers come with a dashboard to analyze customer interactions in terms of CSat and other KPIs.

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