5 Best Ideas to Create a Video Collage from Images

Collages that combine photo and video content are known as video collages. They frequently include graphics and motions. A picture or video collage may begin with an entire image that gradually shrinks as it approaches the end of the display, as well as other pictures that blend in. This produces excellent effect transitions or media collages, which combine various films and photographs into a single video.

A video collage is ideal for grabbing attention, presenting a narrative, or promoting a set of actions. They’re also great for social media. Instead of a post with several photographs, you can create a video collage.

Video collage maker are available online which are web based and can help you to create collage from your photographs with a variety of templates, colours, texts, etc. They make it relatively easy to make a video collage with your pictures. Including a collage in your film may add aesthetic value while also cutting down on the length of your video.

1. Collage of a video and a video background

Use a video on a video background to make a collage with a more prominent influence than a regular video. You may create a specific atmosphere with a dynamic wallpaper to complement the entire content. 

2. Collage of two images side-by-side

Use this template if you wish to emphasise two characteristics of the same object and influence the viewers’ perspective with more intensity. This video collage featuring side-by-side photographs, movies, or GIFs is also ideal for comparison videos, response films, who-wore-it-best videos, collaboration videos, and other similar projects.

You’re on the right track to improving your grip with this dual-sided video collage. 

3. Collage of still images in the video

Relations are frequently at the centre of our work. Most of us want our relationships to grow and expand, whether professional or personal. Sending an online card is an excellent method to accomplish that.

This design might be your best choice if you want to make an e-card for your regular customers or surprise a beloved one. They’re also ideal for displaying your company’s or organisation’s culture.

4. Collage of GIFs

To present a glimpse of the video, combine various GIFs, videos, or images into a loop. In the manner of a storybook, this collage highlights the exceptional parts of a lengthier video. You may add text subtitles or remarks to the clip. It is also a terrific technique to showcase many angles of the same scene.

5. Collage with overlaps

Overlapping elements is the most pleasing way to portray the cycle of life or to demonstrate a product from different perspectives. This collage may also be used to make a portfolio of products.

Advantages of Video Collages

The advantages of using video collages in your marketing strategy:

  • Sharing your story with clients is a wonderful idea.
  • Video footage of you talking about your company, products, or services can be included.
  • They are a simple method to get started with video marketing because no expensive equipment or editing software is required.
  • They try to demonstrate the advantages of your item in a single short film.
  • Your narrative can be expressed more creatively and interestingly using them.
  • Videos may be utilised in various marketing channels, including Facebook advertisements and email campaigns.
  • You don’t need to be a video editing pro; the software will take care of everything.
  • Attractive features such as graphics, audio, and audio effects can be added to the videos.

Here are some ways to make that simple collage into something special that highlights your company’s best qualities.

1. Think about colours

Choose a series of photographs with similar hues, or look for images with identical tones.

2. Preparation is essential for every project

The topic, soundtrack, and selected photos for the collage represent the preliminary work necessary in this situation. It is also good to tweak the contrast, sharpness, and saturation of your shortlisted images.

It is also beneficial to gather your sources of inspiration in order to get your imagination going.

3. Select the appropriate collage style for your photograph 

A particular collage style may perform better than others, depending on the orientation of your photographs. Consider making collages with two or three images if you have vertical photographs. Horizontal photos function best in collages with four or more photographs. You’ll be able to show more of your photograph by cropping it. Use photos with similar contexts to ensure that they interact nicely.

4. Recognise how to employ text 

Know how to apply the text. Incorporating text into a collage might overwhelm your readers. Whenever it comes to adding text to a picture collage, there are a few recommended practices to follow:

  • To make your text stand out, use a filter.
  • Choose graphics that aren’t overly cluttered and have colours that make text easy to read.
  • Leave the text out of your collage and store it for a later slide.
  • Use the Bold style, which highlights the key points, so it’s always simple to read.

To produce a video collage, follow these four simple steps:

1st step:

Choose the size and layout that will serve as the foundation for your creation once you’ve signed up for the video collage maker. Cool and catchy layouts capture people’s attention.

2nd step:

You may begin work with the photographs that have been shortlisted. If presented correctly, a collection of photos mixed with music effects and animations may have a huge visual impact. The key is to organise your photos in a way that avoids congestion. Upload the photographs you want to use to the video collage maker.

Then, for the basis of your collage, artfully organise the group of photographs with similar hues and tones. 

3rd step:

To improve the visual value of your collage, get creative and include pictures, words, styles, motions, audio, and other accessible features.

These features give your collages their character and individuality.

4th step:

Now, look over your collage to ensure it’s exactly what you intended. You could always go back to make more modifications until you’re entirely pleased with the result. Your collage is almost complete once you’ve selected the data format and resolution. Save your collage and share it with family, friends, and others on social media and through other channels and means.


Social networking and video content are becoming increasingly intertwined. They’re excellent strategies to engage your audience. Videos, pictures, and other components are juxtaposed to create unique and viral content. You can make breathtaking video collages with these simple steps by pressing only a few buttons. When you mix your artistic spark with an excellent selection of pictures, audio, and other elements, you may get fantastic, professional-looking results.

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