How You Can Mix Up Your Activities Next Weekend

Weekends provide you the rare opportunity to relax and engage with an activity that is simply about having fun. If you find that the typical week has you more focused on professional matters than you would like, this valuable time to yourself is one that you want to spend wisely. However, this fact can put a lot of pressure on the weekend, which can often set expectations simply too high to match.

So, maybe instead of ensuring that you take part in something that meets a certain level of ‘fun’ that you have to reach in order to be satisfied, maybe you could focus on doing something new that broadens your perspective and potentially gets you interested in an aspect of life that you hadn’t considered before.

Live Performances

In the digital age, most of the entertainment that people partake in involves a screen and a connection to the internet in some way. Gaming, movies, and TV shows can take up so much space in the pop culture bubble that it’s easy to forget about more traditional forms of entertainment, such as that of live performances. Of course, what might immediately come to mind is that of live music and festivals, which is certainly an option if you find yourself interested, but they aren’t your only choices.

Theatre, broadway, ballet, and the opera, these are all activities that you might have written off long ago as simply not being for you, perhaps due to the lack of barrier between you and the entertainment being somewhat unfamiliar after the aforementioned digital examples. It’s an avenue worth exploring, though, due to the intense, personal experience it can provide because of that, and getting yourself some Broadway tickets for the upcoming weekend could illuminate you on something you didn’t expect to enjoy.

Focusing on You

When you find that your upcoming weekend is one in which no social plans have formed, it’s easy to be disappointed. However, this is a great opportunity to focus on yourself, and that’s something that can take many forms. There could be activities here that you’re used to, such as playing games or binging a TV show, but you could also do something new that you might not normally resort to.

For example, you could take this time to start introducing more exercise into your schedule, perhaps by taking a swim, a hike, or even just doing some yoga. The difference that this could make to your mental and physical health could be a boost you didn’t know you needed.

A Day Trip

When you see your friends on the weekend, especially after a long week of work, it can feel easy to resort to the same old activities, such as drinking or going to the pub. After so long of doing this, it can feel as though these are your only real options when it comes to this time, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You might find it fun to take a day trip with your friends, even if it’s just walking around a scenic location and getting a coffee at the end of it, but it could also take the form of something more dedicated, such as an aquarium visit.

Breaking out of your habits and the norm could quickly show you that your expectations of how you have to spend this time is merely an illusion, and your choices are much more varied than you expect.

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