5 Tips When Staging a Home

Staging a home can help you sell it faster to companies that buy houses for cash. You might not know where to start if you’re a newbie, though. This article will help. Read ahead.


Although you own a beautiful home, there may be a lot of muck and dust around that will turn buyers away. It’s a must that you deep clean. Don’t rush it. Taking a couple of days just to clean will ensure you do a good job.

If you want, you can hire a professional cleaning service. They’ll do a thorough job, but you might have to pay a pretty penny. A pro tip would be to make sure your appliances are sparkling as well.


Removing any clutter will make your house look more spacious, and depersonalizing will help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in your property.

Moreover, if there is an unnecessary amount of furniture in your home, getting rid of them would prevent anyone from tripping while looking around.

linen armchair
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You may not have repainted in a while-which is why your walls are faded. The new colours that you choose are entirely up to you. You could go with the same shade you had before, but a new exciting colour might be the way to go. Go through architectural magazines and Pin interest for inspiration.

If you’ve had bare walls forever, going with wallpapers might be a welcomed change. The thing is, you’ll have to be careful about the wallpapers you include. Some can easily make houses look dated. So, probably go shopping with a loved one to choose the best option.

New Furniture

Yes, this suggestion will cost more than the others. However, you can get a lot of people interested in your home if you purchase new furniture to compliment your property’s features. For example, a linen armchair would look great if you have high ceilings in your dining room; the space would look grander. Also, including more mirrors or reflective objects will make the space look larger.


Open all the curtains and blinds. You want as much light coming in as possible. A pro tip would be to install new light fixtures, but this would be an additional cost compared to just opening your curtains and blinds.

If you think your current fixtures are fine, at least wipe them down. They may be dusty which not only will affect the amount of light they release but anyone that walks in might be turned off by their dustiness.

There are several points to consider when you want to stage your property. Probably the best would be to clean your home well. Even if your house is very beautiful, a lot of muck and dust around the house will turn people away. As mentioned, you can buy new furniture to compliment your house’s features. If prospective buyers really like the furniture, they might even ask to buy your property with the furniture included. All in all, a staging will increase your chances of selling your property, so there is no excuse to not try it out.

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