Differen types of wood for furniture 2021

If you are seeking for best woods for your furniture then stay tune with me on the article. I have taken the best collection of different types of wood for furniture which will impress you sure!

[Please note that all of the woods I have collected are best and unique from each other. You have to choose any one of them]

#1 Mahogany wood:

Mahogany is mostly known for its traditional and versatile hardwood to buy. This one is also popular for use on veneers.

Mahogany comes with a medium brown color to a deep red-brown color and the color is depending on its age. But this one is an expensive wood.

#2 The Ashwood:

Ash comes with light brown and a little straight grain color. Ash is also popular wood for home and office furniture. Ash is mostly popular for its high-quality bending abilities. Mostly this is use for bent pieces of furniture like chair which curved backrests.

#3 The Maple wood:

Maple wood comes with a pale color and also Maple wood has natural swirls and twists on wood grain. This wood is better durable also heavier. This wood is perfect for withstand years of wear and tear. Because, this Maple wood is very strong and moisture resistant.

This wood is easy to include any stain or paint.

#4 The Oakwood:

This one is known for its hardwearing and heavy wood quality. Oak comes with beautiful open wood-grain markings. Oak has two shades. You can use one of them. One is grey/brown in color and 2nd is red Oak. Red Oak is a little similar with grey or brown. But red Oak comes with prominent reddish tint.

#5 The Beechwood:

Beech is a popular wood for furniture. This is a high-quality wood and well light color with high shock resistance. This is strong and heavy wood for furniture. Beech comes with even texture and tight grain. This wood will provide you a warm feeling and easy to polish. I will suggest you use it for your home furniture.

#6 The Pinewood:

If you are looking for an affordable and lightweight and pale finish with great for staining then you have to choose Pinewood.  If we compared the wood with hardwoods such as Maple and Oak then Pinewood is less durable from them.

If you mix the wood with other ones then you can go for it. I will suggest you to use this one with other woods like Maple and Oak which are hardwood. Overall this wood is also perfect for your furniture.

#7 The Walnut wood:

This wood is very versatile wood and also offer you many ranges of shades and grains to complement your furniture. This wood is mostly popular for its awesome strength rich chocolate brown color and straight grain color.

Also this is a hardwood and you can buy lighter shades of the wood.


I have already said that all my collections are best wood for furniture and you can use these woods for home and office also. I will suggest you to bring any one of them. All are better than each other.


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