6 Major Mistakes in Cannabidiol Product Packaging: How to Avoid Them and Make Your Brand the Market Leader

Ever since Cannabidiol became popular as a health and wellness product, many people started to use Cannabidiol oil for skincare. Cannabidiol lotion for pain relief, and Cannabidiol capsules for anxiety. As the number of Cannabidiol users has increased exponentially in recent years. So, packaging boxes have become more important than ever before.

In this blog post, I will discuss six major mistakes that you should avoid while designing your product packaging box so that your brand can remain the market leader.

6 Major Mistakes in Cannabidiol Product Packaging

There are several packaging mistakes that packaging producers make while making these packs. These mistakes not only ruin their effort and hard work but also causes business losses for their brands. So, it is very important to avoid these mistakes to be in the market competition and grow your business. Some of the common packaging mistakes are as follow:

  • Too Much Copy on the Front of the Bottle
  • Not Enough Color Contrast Between Text and Background
  • No Differentiation in Packaging for Different Purposes
  • Poorly Designed Labels That Don’t Stand Out from Competitors’ Products
  • Unclear Descriptions of What Is Inside the Product
  • Lack of Information About How to Use Cannabidiol Oil, or When It Should Be Used

Too Much Copy on the front of the Bottle:

There are just too many Cannabidiol oil goods on the market, making it difficult for firms to develop something that their consumers will desire. To avoid this, you need to create product packaging boxes that have a high appeal factor among your Cannabidiol users. If you provide a lot of information in front of your Cannabidiol oil bottle, consumers will have a hard time determining what they can anticipate from those Cannabidiol products.

Moreover, putting too much text on labels may make them look unappealing because there is little space for visual elements. This thing makes Cannabidiol oil box less effective than other competitive brands that might not write as many words but use colors or images instead (Smith).

So, avoid adding too much information to the product box and present it in a precise way. It will do the job for your business, and you will get desired results from it.

Not Enough Color Contrast Between Text and Background:

When it comes to Cannabidiol product packaging, you have a chance to make your brand look unique and attractive.

You can do this by using colors more creatively on Cannabidiol oil box. If the color of the text is not contrasting enough with the Cannabidiol product packaging background, then people will find it difficult to read that information (Vogel).

So, when writing important things on Cannabidiol product boxes, avoid using light or darker colors. They might be unreadable at times. Instead, to ensure better contrast between the text and cbd oil box background. Choose lighter colors such as white, light grey, or cream shade rather than black color. It looks too harsh over there (Goetzinger).

No Differentiation in Packaging for Different Purposes:

It is another common Cannabidiol product packaging mistake that people make.

If the Cannabidiol oil box is for one purpose and another Cannabidiol product packaging is made for a different purpose, then it should not be difficult to differentiate them (Goetzinger). For example, if you are making Cannabidiol cream boxes and Cannabidiol tincture bottles, then you can use contrasting colors on these two so that people do not have any

Suppose your Cannabidiol products are similar but come in various packages such as oil bottles, hemp capsules, etc. Then this differentiation problem confusion over which Cannabidiol product they are buying. Might create trouble, too, since all those will look alike from outside (Leung). So, keep yourself away from this major mistake by using distinct colors or shapes depending on your product needs and marketing goals.

Poorly Designed Labels That Don’t Stand Out from Competitors’ Products:

Another Cannabidiol product packaging mistake is to make your labels look the same as others. Simply put, you must not design a label that looks like other Cannabidiol products to sell yours. You have to understand that people buy Cannabidiol products from the store only if they get attracted by their brand and its differentiating factors (Leung). Moreover, it’s really important for any business owner or marketing manager of Cannabidiol brands because s/he has no idea about what Cannabidiol are even made out of!

So designing a customized package with an attractive color scheme and images will help build your brand identity through compelling colors while making sure you stand apart from competitors’ packaging boxes so customers can easily recognize them on stores shelves. It will ease the customers and will benefit your brand.

Unclear Descriptions of What Is Inside the Product:

Not understanding what Cannabidiol oils are made of is the biggest mistake that people make. As a result, they do not pay attention to their product description or hire a designer who does not know c-Bor products very well and design accordingly (Leung). So, designing your packaging boxes based on incorrect product information will definitely confuse customers about the contents inside them.

Also, you should always keep in mind that Cannabidiol oil products are famous for recreational purposes and medical needs. Therefore, if someone has bought Cannabidiol vape juice bottles with unclear labels but reads positive reviews online, he might think twice before purchasing again from your brand. This is because she/he was really looking forward to using Cannabidiol vape juice for her health problem this time!

So, if you’re selling Cannabidiol bath bombs, your bath bomb boxes represent the benefits of your bath bombs to entice the customers.

Lack of Information About How to Use Cannabidiol Oil, or When It Should Be Used:

Some Cannabidiol product producers provide very less information about their products that is a big mistake. It results in the consumer being unaware of how Cannabidiol oil works or when to use it.

To avoid this mistake, you should include a detailed description of your product on its packaging box. including information such as Cannabidiol oil uses and benefits, recommended dosage for Cannabidiol vape juice, etc. This will help users understand their Cannabidiol products and increase the chances of them purchasing from your brand again!

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