Key Benefits of Fiber Optic Over Any Other Cable: Make the Right Pick

Effective cables and networking lines can serve as a strong backbone for the communication and operation of any business entity. Although there are numerous sorts of networking cables that aim to deliver benefits for varying differences, fiber optic cable suppliers can provide the best option that surpasses them all.

Either, you are a business owner planning to expand your workplace, or simply want to step up the communication lines, fiber optics win the game. From attaching more equipment and enhancing the speed and bandwidth of data transmission, it remains a viable option.

To understand why, and where fiber optic cables remain the best solution, it’s important to understand the key benefits that they deliver.


All cable types transmit data but in very different ways. While copper wires carry electrical pulses along their metal strands, fiber optics, on the other hand, carry pulses of light along flexible glass threads. This difference often equates to the fiber being the best solution for a new or upgraded network. Therefore, fiber optic cables become worthwhile and a heavier up-front investment.

Faster Transmission

Fiber optic cables allow you to transmit data swiftly and faster in comparison to other cables. This can be checked using the standard measure via bandwidth. When measured, these cables are termed in the form of gigabits of data per second or even terabits per second. The more data that travels, the more effective and reliable these are.

These cables can transmit data as fast as the speed of light. No doubt these are able to surpass the data delivery and performance of the already existing copper-based wires and replace them.

Covers Long Distances

Fiber optic cables can easily cover greater distances, without giving rise to any data tampering, distortions, attenuations or simply weakening of the waveform.

Choosing fiber optic cables when setting up your business in a large building or a workplace remains an effective option. These are reliable, durable, and remain the best solution. Any other cable does not give the business owners a similar peace of mind set. Once installed, work can commence without data disruptions and clear telephone lines up to 24 miles. Isn’t that great!

Resistant against electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Data interference is common amongst electric signals. When there are multiple cables running around in one place, they can easily affect and distort the data in the neighbouring cable as well. Resultantly, one may experience distortions or breaks in communications. Cross talks, message retransmission, and even security risks are common factors associated with it.

With the fiber optic cables, there are no electromagnetic interferences involved. Thereby, these become a better, safer, and more secure option for the business owners. With quality communications, it saves them time that could otherwise be spent on re-transmission, leading towards a stronger ROI.

Cable Management

Managing cables can become a very tiresome task. Small, long, thin, and thick cables can often get messy, and organizing them can take hours. With fiber optic cables, it is not the case. Reason being that these are quite long in length and can cover the entire building easily. Adding connectors can connect the gadgets and servers and make sure that the system keeps running, without too many wires in place.

These singular wires are specifically built to carry large amounts of data. Furthermore, these incredibly thin cables are covered with a protective sheathing that fattens them up to two millimeters but increases longevity.

In all, it remains a clutter-free and clean option for your workspace.


With every changing moment, we come across a number of advancements in technology, models, or simple updates. Such consistency in updates often makes the business owners a bit reluctant to incorporate technology. After all, the last thing one would want is to set up the new system, bear the installment costs until it gets replaced.

However, it is not the same for fiber optic cables. These are quite friendly when it comes to upgrading it. Once installed, simply add the upgraded models or equipment like server, USP, power units, etc by contacting the nearest product or UPS supplier in Dubai. This future-proof feature allows it to stay in place and keep running for years without replacing it. Thereby saving costs and adding more to sustainability.

To sum it up, with all the above-mentioned benefits of fiber optic cable in place, it becomes the right choice for business owners. This one-time investment will augment the work quality and save time and energy in fixing the networking and communication lines.


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