8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Eco-Friendly Boxes.

We already know how good packaging can affect our business positively. Good packaging proves to be helpful for our sales and marketing. It also helps us to represent our brand with our packaging boxes. There would be several times when we would get attracted to a product by seeing its packaging. Such luxurious packaging lures us into buying that product. 

But could there be the type of packaging that could affect our business negatively? Of course, some packaging boxes impose a negative impression of their brand. The nature of packaging boxes matters more than you ever think. No matter how beautiful you customize your box. If it has a non-organic material, then it would be of no use. 

If you are thinking of creating packaging, then make it as organic as possible. We are not just talking about the packaging box. We are talking about everything that compromises in the box, as well as the adhesive and tape.

Using the appropriate boxes.

When we do not even know which box is organic or not, how could we choose one? That is why every person needs to know a little about packaging. If you feel confused and lost, then contact a packaging company. They can guide you through all processes. And can help you to choose the box best for your products.

Using an organic lamination:

Like packaging boxes, lamination is of different types. Therefore, it is vital to study their types and choose the organic ones. Gloss and matte lamination is organic and affordable.

Using the eco-friendly packaging fillings:

Most sellers use bubble wraps that are non-organic in their packaging boxes. This is because such a type of material has direct contact with the product. And we already know that in case of higher temperature, it could emit harmful radiation. And such radiation could affect the item badly. So make sure your packaging filling is organic. Use fillings like recycled paper, newspaper, organic bubble wraps, etc.

Customize the case with the latest technique:

Suppose you did research and got yourself an organic box. But then it is the stage where you have to customize your cases. How would you know which type of ink would not affect your box nature? Which techniques would give a sleek look to the eco-friendly boxes, not changing their nature?

Here are some techniques which use organic ink during the customization process.

● Screen printing,

● Digital printing,

● Flexography,

● Gravure or rotogravure,

● 3D printing,

● LED UV, 

● Engraving

● embossing.

Connect a holder to your packaging.

Using a handle box is in trend these days. Sellers are using these boxes to impress their customers with such innovative packaging. And these boxes are getting much recognition and appreciation. But why? A packaging that reduces the use of plastic is always liked. And handling boxes do the same thing. When we already have an attachment on the boxes, why would we need a plastic bag? Such packaging boxes unquestionably is an ingenious invention.

Using an organic adhesive.

What’s the use of studying eco-friendly packaging boxes when you use toxic adhesive? Many people tend to use a cardboard box and call it an organic one while binding it with toxic glue. Such adherence could affect the box’s nature. And it also directly affects the product placed in it. Whichever packaging company you choose to order from, always ask them relevant questions. Ask them about the material, if it is organic or not.

Using organic inserts.

Packaging inserts play a crucial role in delivering the product safely. But not many people know that choosing inserts is just as important as the packaging box itself. When we use a non-organic box, we face a lot of consequences. But we must make our packaging 100% organic. And we could only do so by considering all the factors. And one of those factors is inserts.

Packaging inserts are of different types. But, first, let us discuss the organic ones.

Paper pulp inserts.

As implied from the names, they get manufactured from paper pulp. Think of them as the inserts in which your eggs come in. Or the toolbox contains small but sharp tools. They are 100% organic, and you could use them for any product. 

Cardboard inserts.

These inserts get used for almost every type of product. They are organic, lightweight, flexible, and also secure. In addition, they help lock the product in its frame. And sellers tend to get them manufactured in different sizes by keeping in mind the shape of the corresponding item.

Foam inserts.

The organic foam inserts are spongier and soft than the non-organic ones. They mostly get used to fragile and expensive products. They help keep the product look presentable.

Why is organic packaging necessary?

The use of packaging has increased hysterically. If a package has ten individual items in it, every product would have discreet packaging. Disposing of such a large amount of material could be a difficult and serious task, especially when the packaging is non-organic. But when we organic packaging, we could reuse or recycle the contents. Meanwhile, most of the eco-friendly packaging reduces on its own without producing any harmful radiation. But on the other hand, a non-organic box ejects radiation that affects the environment.

Organic packaging reduces the carbon footprint. When we manufacture a non-organic product, each stage produces gas like carbon. But for eco-friendly materials, we use a more efficient way. Other than that, an organic box also helps us to promote our brand more confidently. And we could impress our customers with our innovative and eco-friendly boxes.


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