When DeskTrack joins hands to Remove the Distraction: A Big-time saver Software

A combination of Productivity and Transparency leads to work submitted on deadlines, but the question is how do we create this combination with working and meeting the deadline. Firstly we have to remove distractions from our working environment, as it is the biggest problem for any organization. Distractions always contradict productivity, we cannot chase the target when we are distracted from the required tasks, so you need to be focused on your targets and it is the only way to meet the deadline.

From school Life to work-life we need a monitor, why do we need it? we need it to be disciplined, stay focused and eliminate distractions. To make it happen, use some manual & automated ways like employee tracking software, this will save time also give a better analysis of roadblocks, distractions you are facing, and understand where time for the day is flying. Now the question arises how automated? “Technology is the answer…”

Digitize yourself use tools to find out why you missed your deadlines, tasks are unfinished, an organization is not satisfied, not appraised as you should be & the most important part is why you don’t have family time.

Make your workday just in 7hrs instead of 8hrs, start saving your 1 hour…

Some observation by monitoring day to day activity

“47% says they check social media for 44 minutes

45% says reads news websites for 1 hour 5 minutes

38% do Meetings & Discussions for 2hours

27% spends 1 hour on phone calls, text/instant messaging

28% take breaks frequently break of 1 hour at least”

Overall, more or less an individual invests 2.5 hours of a workday in leisure activities which will never pay back and this leads to disappointment & unsatisfaction

To Overcome this problem join hands with technology tools like DeskTrack, Jira, Slack, etc. and find the Impact as A big time saver software

When DeskTrack Join hands…

Disciplined and more focused:

When DeskTrack joins organizations, employees are more focused and disciplined by its Employee Monitoring Solution employees are more productive, less destructive, and Improvise themselves and fill the unproductive gaps.

Performance Improvement

With the help of DeskTrack, Very easy for employers to fill the gaps and improvise in them. Employees find that performance has improved, workflow is very smooth and easy. Employees and employers understand that how much they use its utility and how much they improve their working style. and analyze that their last three months improved work performance with before three months performance.


The main pain point is “Ohh I have missed the Deadline” and the reason is a distraction, log meeting, Etc. Once the employee and employer are disciplined and focused they improved their performance and that performance helps to meet the deadline. And DeskTrack will help you to cover all the problems and make you.

Happy Faces

Once employees and employers with DeskTrack always found themself happy reason is to complete their tasks on the deadline, meet the client’s requirement, and be able to generate goodwill in the market.

Family Time

When you are entered in the employees’ life you need to be more responsible and in that, you have to find FAMILY TIME or can say ME TIME. DeskTrack “always say free yourself and be a time-saver” for that you need to be more remove miscellaneous things from your side, analyze your time make it impact-full for your work, and meet the deadline and enjoy the rest of the time with your family.

With DeskTrack you can make your day of 23 hours and happily celebrate +1 hour with your family. DeskTack always takes care of organizations’ employees’ productivity and their working hours and helps them to find the gap to improvise into the working.

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