8 Tips on Living an Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Going green and clean is not just some trend that entered into the 21st century. It is a mandatory lifestyle change that is needed if we want to see the continuation of the next generations on this earth. Climate change is a reality, the planet is heating up and the greenhouse gas emissions rising on the daily are not helpful. We have to be responsible citizens.

The future, the species, the forests and habitats of all living creatures are affected by the way you (a human being) choose to live. You don’t have to leap when you can walk. Cultivating small sustainable habits will compound into making a bigger impact. If you want to be a part of the change and preservation of all earth life, here are a few tips to help you switch into more of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1.     Recycle

If you want to save natural resources, energy and decrease pollution, this is the way to go. Metals, plastics, paper and glass are popularly recycled products. Get out a recycling bin and start the process!

2.     No Plastic Bag

I mean this has to be a given. Plastic bags take years to decompose and are highly dangerous to wild life and sea creatures. Many animals have died due to plastic bag consumption or strangulation. You can choose a reusable tote bag to carry your groceries and potentially save a life.

3.     Go Second-hand

We tend to desire all the flashy products a capitalist society has to offer. I am not saying do not buy new things, just try to keep your purchases lower than usual and opt for some second-hand goods. There are many sites that offer durable products, from nursery to bedroom furniture and Most of them can be just as functional as brand-new piece.

4.     Use More Durable Products

Instead of the disposable plastic products, such as plastic plates, forks, napkins and paper towels, you could use more sustainably made products. For example, switch up the plastic towels and napkins with a cloth, use a reusable coffee cup and maybe a wooden toothbrush to lower your plastic utilization.

Friendly Lifestyle
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5.     Get Renewable

Use renewable energy in your home and feel the difference! When your electricity is utilized by renewable energy sources on a hundred percent renewable tariff, pretty much no carbon emissions occur. If that is not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is?!

6.     Clean Sustainably

Many of the cleaning products available in the market emit extremely toxic chemicals that are a far from being environmentally-friendly. Repeatedly exposing the environment to these chemicals could be detrimental. Shift to using eco friendly cleaning products and keep the environment safe and free from harmful chemicals.

7.     Put the Lights Off

If you want to decrease your carbon footprint, you can start by switching your lights off when you are not using them. A 60-watt bulb uses up 0.06 kilowatt hours of electricity, yikes! In addition, you could make the switch to LED bulbs which lasts for longer periods and uses less energy in comparison to other bulbs.

8.     Don’t Throw Away Electronics

According to a study conducted by the United Nations Environment program the global electronic waste amounted to approximately forty-five million metric tons in 2016. Electronics need a significant amount of energy, water and other vital resources. Instead of chucking out your old devices, give them to someone who will reuse it or hand it over to an NGO that is specialized in this field.

Build an eco-friendly lifestyle and watch as the earth benefits from it.


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