All About Outdoor Dimmable Festoon Lights

Outdoor lighting with festoon lights is a popular alternative, especially during the holiday season. These lights are quite adaptable and may be utilized for a variety of events, celebrations, or simply to dress up an ordinary outdoor space. There are a few deciding variables to consider while selecting the dimmable festoon lights by Fusion Lighting for your location. 


Dimmable festoon lights are available in two-chord styles: flush and hanging. The lamp holder sits directly on the string in our flush dimmable festoon lights. This allows them to be wrapped around trees, hung on fences, and used indoors. Hanging over bedheads, around mirrors or bookcases, and in children’s bedrooms or playrooms are all examples of indoor usage. An additional length of rope swings from the main string of hanging dimmable festoon lights. These lights are ideal for creating a festoon light “ceiling” by hanging them between posts or under a roof. 

Light Bulb 

After you’ve decided on a festoon string style, the fun part begins: selecting light bulbs. Incandescent and LED light bulbs are the two types of light bulbs available. The old-fashioned light bulbs with delicate wire filaments are known as incandescent bulbs. LED light bulbs are a modern technology that converts power into light using a semiconductor chip. LED light bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs, which means you won’t have to replace them as frequently. They also require less energy to achieve the same brightness, saving you money on your energy costs. The dimmable festoon lights are for you if you enjoy the traditional filament designs, but if you want a robust light bulb, consider LEDs. 

Just keep in mind that whichever light bulb you pick, there will be ten or twenty of them in one location, so choose your brightness carefully. 


Due to their continuous string line and wall plug, dimmable festoon lights are simple to operate. There are several accessories you can use to create an exciting layout if you want to create a long-lasting display. When it comes to hanging festoon lights, cable ties are your best friend. These are small and maybe fastened to fence posts, ceilings, or trees. They retain the string in place and prevent it from moving. 

If you’re buying a 20-meter festoon light set and want to stretch it from one place to another, use a guidewire to keep it from drooping. It also protects against wind and bird damage.

Conclusion:- The dimmable festoon lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An IP rating is used to identify outdoor lighting and assess their resistance to dust and water. The IP rating of the Outdoor String Lights is 23, while the IP 44 rating of the Outdoor String Lights with Hanging Lamp Holders is higher. When picking a festoon light set, think about where you’ll put them. If your festoons will be utilized indoors or undercover (porch, verandah, deck), a lower IP rating might be employed. If your lights will be exposed to the elements or you reside in a severe climate, an IP44 grade will be more suitable for outdoor use.

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