Composite Decking Specialists Will Tell You Why to Choose Composite Over Wood

Composite decking Specialists will tell you that with the proper material, you can enjoy the magnificence and elegance of genuine timber without having to spend the expensive price or deal with the care. What is it about composite decking that makes it the most popular option among homeowners all over the world? First and foremost, composite decking at Brite Decking Australia has the appearance of real wood, which increases the value as well as the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Composite Decking From The Ultrashield Line

With the UltraShield variety of composite decking materials, you will appreciate your yard and outdoor space; in fact, everyone will! Once installed, you’ll find that composite decking is far more durable than wood, with additional benefits including splinter- and snag-free surfaces, waterproofing, and slide resistance. If you’re looking for a product that’s durable, practical, and safe for the home, as well as incredibly family-friendly, composite decking is the obvious choice.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not consider what life will be like after their new deck has been completed. Your family will almost probably be subjected to the hardships of parties, bicycles, pets, braais, children, and a range of other activities if it is young and developing. It is likely to be situated in an area that is exposed to the sun and rain; exposure to the weather is an important factor to consider.

This Type Of Lifestyle Is Guaranteed To Be Tough On Composite Decking

Fortunately, composite decking is built to endure this kind of abuse. It is, in fact, ideally adapted to all types of lifestyles. Unlike wood, it can withstand exposure to the sun, wind, and rain without needing to be lacquered or treated. That’s convenient, and it’s a terrific way to save money on home maintenance without sacrificing overall beauty. Composite is low-maintenance, inexpensive, and comes with a 25-year limited guarantee in residential areas and a 10-year limited warranty in commercial regions.

When it comes to selecting a deck, there are numerous aspects to consider. One of the most important is whether you want a regular wood deck, a composite deck, or a fiber-cement deck. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s critical that you understand all of the details so you can choose the best alternative to match your job requirements, as each job site is different.

Consider The Following Factors To Assist You In Selecting The Best Product:

  • What kind of deck are you building, and what’s the subfloor like? I’m curious about the distance between your joists.
  • Is the deck close to the ground or near a swimming pool?
  • Is it in a bushfire-prone area that necessitates a BAL-rated product?
  • Is it crucial to you to have a slip rating? This is more typical in commercial settings, but it’s still something to think about around a pool.
  • What kind of look do you want to go for? Is it better to go with a traditional wood look or something more modern?
  • Warranty includes fade and stain resistance.
  • Maintenance of the product on a regular basis
  • Do you require a screening or additional posts to complete or complement your project?
  • Do you care about the environment?


Take the opportunity to speak with one of our specialists if you have any questions regarding our vast range of composite decking. We may be reached by email or phone and would be delighted to assist you with the design and installation of your new deck. Why waste time looking for the best decking products when you can find them right here? Brite Decking Australia can help you with your decking needs.

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