AP Exam Preparation: Tips for success

AP Exams are standardized tests that evaluate student’s academic achievement and the ability to receive college credit. Students who perform well on the ap exams in india can theoretically skip introductory college courses or place them altogether. These exams are not mandatory for receiving a passing grade in a class at most colleges and universities, but many institutions grant students credit or placement based on their scores.

So let’s start with a few things that helped one prepare well:

  • Keep a tab of what all has been studied for the year and which chapters have been left. Keep preparing till the end, don’t leave it till the last day because one might end up leaving some topics untouched.
  • Give themselves enough time to study; don’t rush into it in one month or two before the exam; take their time be relaxed while studying because if their mind is stressed out, one can’t memorize almost anything (and eventually they will end up like that). If possible, read history by senior secondary level.
  •  Prepare a timetable of what all will be studied for that day and stick to it; don’t miss out. Generally, try not to study more than 4 hours a day so one can retain things in mind. But if time permits, then go ahead harden yourself with 6-8 hours of study every day.
  • Don’t get pressured by anyone or anything; only one knows what they want from life, no one else will guide them towards their goals. So stay focused and clear. Do well in the examination by any means necessary, but don’t feel bad if one didn’t get selected for that college or course because it’s not the end of the world.
  • There are some other minor things that this article will include, like do well even in essay writing, try to answer 5-6 questions in 1 hour (this is possible only by giving sufficient time to each essay), how to practice essays and so on. So now let move on to the main part: what should be done from now on since there is still one year left for preparation.

But first, here are a few things that have been put as prerequisites to this list:

  • Keep revising whatever has been studied in memory (i.e. history chapters, class notes).
  • Try to make a habit of reading daily because there might be some topics mentioned in the chapter which one don’t know and thus will need to study again; also this prepares your mind for studying. Practice at least essay writing questions(or even more if possible) every day; do it on one’s own or choose anyone from the newspaper and get them checked by their teacher/tutor.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers.
  •  Keep revising whatever has been studied in memory (i.e. history chapters, class notes).
  • Reading books helps one grasp things better and will prepare one for their studies.

Doing this will help one gain more confidence in themselves and give one a lot of practice answering the questions quickly.

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